Spot and keep away the menace that is fake lottery

Fake lottery

Fake lottery or lottery scams

Real lottery is fun to play in and work to win from it, however, fake lottery spoils all this and that is why the national lottery US warns its players of lottery scams. Scams can be a total rip off for lottery players and even unsuspecting people who do not participate in the lottery. The problem is that the scammers know how to be convincing and come out looking real though in the real sense they are just conning you very well. This article tries to enlighten you on what you need to look out for to spot fake lottery and how to avoid it.

There are basic things all lottery players need to know such as how winners are announced and notified. Fake lotteries commonly send you an email to notify you that you have emerged a winner in some draw that was made using random e-mails. Never fall for such a lie. All authentic lotteries announce their winner either by print, audio or visual media or post the results online on their official website. Furthermore, they never contact the winner personally; it is the winner’s responsibility to present himself as the announced winner. There is no way people can use your mail address without your permission so do not even entertain the idea of being a winner in a lottery you did not participate in.

The national lottery US describes authentic lotteries as being owned by a company or partly by the government. In contrast though, most lottery scams present themselves as being owned by one person. This is never the case and once you identify that, run for your financial safety.

The third thing to be aware of is that real lotteries do not ask for upfront payment from the winner so then he can be awarded his prize. Lottery scams have the habit of asking the winner to pay cash for processing of the prize. Prizes are paid in cash lump sums or in installments as agree with the winner and the lottery company. If you find a lottery that has other weird payment methods, start thinking it may be a scam you are falling for. Fake lottery also expects the winner to claim the prize through an agent who in reality is conning him of cash. True lotteries expect the winner to do so himself.

The above outlines simply touch on how to play in the national lottery US and not fall prey to lottery scams.

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