Social Media and The Lottery

Social Media & The Lottery

As social media becomes a bigger and bigger part of our world, many lottery websites have popped up to bring people in the lotto community closer together. There’s something out there for everybody from the lottery enthusiast to the occasional state player to the guy that only plays when he sees a few major jackpots pop up.

Social media sites have even become the go-to for finding winning lottery numbers. Major lottery sites have been prone to crashing immediately after drawings for major jackpots due to a severe increase in traffic. For that reason, Twitter has become the most efficient way of checking out the winning numbers instantly. Sites like Twitter have given us the ability to see numbers posted immediately and also receive direct links to stories about winners.

Here’s a look at some of the things that the social media wave has brought to the lottery:

Ability to Instantly Check Tickets and Hear About Lottery Winners

One of the best parts about the social media wave with the lottery is the fact that you can check your numbers instantly as well as finding out whether or not someone won. I’ve gotten into the habit of following every major jackpot in the world that I may have the opportunity to play in, even if it’s for nothing else but to be able to know what jackpots generally reach to.

It’s essential to follow the lotteries that you play on the regular but it also may be beneficial to follow a few others that may interest you down the line.

Social Media Lottery Contests Provide Some Intrigue For Lotto Participants

Many US states have also begun to have social media contests to increase interest in new lottery games or just to gain more attention. Users can usually sign up for the contests on either Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Check with your state’s lottery website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook so you can stay up to date on when those are being offered.

Just don’t fall for any of the scams that may come with it…

Social Media Lottery Scams

While it has become easier to ever to check our winning numbers and find out the latest on lottery activity, it’s also opened up the opportunity for scam artists to prey on lottery enthusiasts. It’s actually not as hard as most people think to avoid social media lottery scams.

There is one thing that you should consider above all things before actually even entertaining one of these scam artists with a response. If you didn’t play or enter the lottery, you can’t win. There are no legal lotteries in which a person didn’t first enter the lottery by themselves. If you didn’t enter, you can’t win, plain and simple.

So what if you may have entered the lottery. Do your homework. There are all kinds of different resources for protecting yourself from scams. Google things similar about what you are being told about winning the lottery. Google the names and/or numbers associated with it. If numbers are involved and you know them, ask them what the

I recently read a post on that talked about a Facebook lottery scam in which a Facebook user claimed that the person had won $50,000 through a lottery on Facebook. Then they said Mark Zuckerberg and the FBI were texting them telling them that it was legit. Folks, Mark Zuckerberg, and the FBI are NOT going to text you. If it seems fishy, it probably is. Please, please, please don’t be this gullible!

While social media has been a bit of a blessing for the lottery industry, it has also created a few more scam artists then we’d like to deal with. Just as long as we keep our sense and embrace the good things that come with social media I think we’ll all do just fine.

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