So You Won The Lottery? Here Are 10 Things Lottery Winners Won’t Tell You! It’s Unbelievable!

Lottery winners

A Word about Lottery Winners

Everyone dreams of winning a lottery, but do lottery winners know what to do with the cash prize if their numbers are drawn out? Some make sensible choices while others go on a spending spree and as hard it is to fathom, a large amount of money can run out in months if not a couple of years! As soon as a common man becomes a lottery winner, things change, their perceptions change and here’s where I share 10 things lottery winners won’t tell you.

10 Things Lottery Winners Won’t Tell You

    1. They Spend and Take Second Chances

    Whether they take home a million or half a million dollars, about 70% of lottery winners spend it all in less than five years – an ideal case is that of David Lee Edwards. It has been noted that lottery winners who don’t get lucky first time, often mail their loosing tickets to play second-chance drawings. Never give up!

    2. They Never Quit Playing

    Whether they win or not, once a lottery lover, always a lottery lover! Need I say more?

    3. Often Forced into Limelight

    When the lady luck sprinkles magical lottery dust on them, as much as they love winning, lottery winners hate being forced into the limelight. Unfortunately, most states require that the lottery winner be present for news conference and hold that big, fat check for people to see. Insecure much?

    4. Unsatisfied yet Jam-Packed with Luxurious Purchases

    Lottery winners may smile ear to ear when they show off their precious $10 million check, but when they find themselves in a room full of winners who hold $100 million or more, they suddenly feel poor. But as soon as they leave the room, you’ll find them purchasing a 7,000 square-foot mansion and five years down the line, they’ll be heard selling it all. It was probably unrealistic for a family of three.

    5. A Friend in Need is (Sometimes) a Pest

    If old friends need help, lottery winners will help without further ado, but when they realize they’re being fooled, no they don’t ask for their money (they have bigger hearts), they simply end the relationship. But then there are those who, upon winning a lottery, suddenly forget old friends. After all, a good friend is one who can purchase a ticket to fly with you to France for the weekend!

    6. “Life is great!” That’s What All Lottery Winners Say

    Imagine a life where your laundry gets picked from the porch of your 6,000 square-foot mansion and is brought back to you dry cleaned and neatly folded. Or when your Bentley car chauffeur, patiently waiting for your order, returns with a box of donuts for the kids, a bouquet for your wife and a Gallo Summer White for you? And you wake up to reality a couple of years later…

    7. Lottery Winners Aren’t Really Rich

    When lottery winners suddenly become rich, their old home, old neighbors, old lanes and driveways become history. They feel that they belong somewhere else, maybe in an exclusive neighborhood that brims with exotic cars and filthy rich people. But when the plan a huge barbeque party and invite their neighbors, no one turns up. Maybe easy money doesn’t count as being rich?

    8. No Questions about Money Please!

    It’s true that when a common man unexpectedly becomes a millionaire, people start believing in miracles and luck. While some start playing lottery, others appoint themselves as the millionaire’s financial advisor (read: favorite nosy neighbor). Lottery winners do not like to disclose anything about their current financial position, i.e. whether they have kept the money safe, how they plan to spend it and how long before it runs out!

    9. Spend Wise by Making Smart Donations

    Lottery winners, upon receiving their fat check like the idea of donating money to charity. Having said that, they prefer not to donate a huge amount of cash all at once instead they donate a percentage every year for several years so that they’re able to retain some control over what they spend their fortune on. Smart forecast or pre-planned fame? Hmm…

    10. Innocent Philanthropist

    Lottery winners like to give and help other people who need help. As soon as some lottery winners realize that they can buy everything they’ve ever dreamed of, they become compassionate towards other people who are not as privileged. Sometimes, however, they end up giving more than required, hence the term, “innocent philanthropist”.

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