Phenomenal Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Coupled with New Record 100 Million Lotto Winners

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Lotto winners night

As the whole world held its breath to watch the exciting Olympic Games opening ceremony so did Lotto players as they hoped to make it amongst the 100 Million Lotto winners. What excitement, what anticipation. One can only imagine the kind of electric buzz that accompanied the moments before the announcement. The results for lotto making the difference between being an ordinary citizen one minute, and being a millionaire the next.

It is no secret that around the world every single day many lottery draws take place. The players participate in multiple lotteries in the hope that they will be the next lotto winners. As a player you need to know where to check for your world lottery results so you do miss out on the chance of knowing if your numbers have made you a millionaire.

Irrespective of which of the world lotteries that you choose to buy tickets for there is a key factor which determines whether you are a winner and these are your lotto numbers. Each player on any of the lotteries around the world has their own system for choosing their lotto numbers and many participate in syndicates to increase their chances of being a winner. So when so much thought goes into playing the lotto you can understand why people take results for lotto so seriously.

On Friday night the company website crashed due to a last minute rush by lottery players to buy tickets for the record setting draw. However the organizers had anticipated a more than three hundred percent rise in sales. A whopping 35 millionaires of a total of 100 have come forward to claim their prize, and the National Lottery is waiting for the remaining 65 to come forward.

Most of these Millionaires will never forget July 27th as not only was it the opening night of the Olympic Games but the night they also became Millionaires. It is worth noting that the national lottery has made it easier to check if you have won by posting the results on their website and making them available at any Lottery retailer.

The other thing to remember as a lotto winner is that not everyone is always on your side and so you need to be careful. There are people just waiting to take advantage of you and spend your new found earnings. In Newport News, Virginia, a story came out about a man who had always purchased lottery tickets from the same Shell gas station for a decade, so he was shocked when the store clerk allegedly tricked him out of his winning $600 lottery ticket.

Apparently the store clerk told him that he had only won a $40 prize while in actual fact he had won $600, she pocketed the remaining $560. The man thought he had only won three of the winning numbers based on the store clerk’s results for lotto but his son found out and called to congratulate him. Thankfully the lady did not go unpunished.

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