Managing a Business While Being an Avid Lottery Player – Is It Possible?

Managing a Business While Being an Avid Lottery Player

Lottery has been around for centuries in one form or another. Furthermore, lottery players come with different backgrounds, with different education levels, different habits, etc. A rather big part of lottery players operate their own business, or they are directly related to the key management of one company. Playing the lottery requires a lot of time, since funds shouldn’t be a problem if you have your own business, right?

Being an avid player makes you think about the lottery throughout the whole day, while you’re at work, with clients, coworkers, etc. This can become an obstacle to further develop the business.

Here we’re going to take a look what you should be careful about if you’re an avid lottery player and you run your own business. Before I go further, don’t worry, it is possible to manage both of these.

Time Is Your Only Constraint – Time Management Is Crucial

Unless you have your own personal assistant who will be available 24/7, time is the only constraint you have. Time is the only limited thing you got. Your business takes most of the time, but you’re thinking about the lottery throughout the whole day. In order to excel in both areas, it’s best to have a predetermined schedule and stick to it. Note, your business is the priority here. I know that you want to spend more time playing the lottery, but if your business goes down, another constraint will be added, and that will be money. While you’re at work, try to focus on your business. Never bring up that you’re playing the lottery, unless the other party has already brought it up.

You can play the lottery once you’re at home, during your lunch break, coffee break, on your way to the office, etc. However, never sacrifice your business for the sake of the lottery.

Focus Your Analytical Thinkging on Your Business – The Lottery Is a Hobby

Yes, the lottery can make you even richer, without having to move more than just a pen on the table. But your business is who you are, and what brings the bread, the food on the table. Not to mention the fact that your business profits is what drives your lottery play. One of the ways in which you can improve yourself as a lottery player is to buy more lottery tickets. Depending on the success of your business and how many tickets you actually want to buy, you can get so close to winning the jackpot and hopefully retire a whole lot sooner.

As I hinted earlier on, all your efforts should be focused on improving your business. Other people depend on you, that’s if you have employees. They buy food for their families just because your business exists. If that vanishes, they can be left out on the street, and you won’t be able to play the lottery as you once did.

Hire an Assistant to Get More Free Time to Play the Lottery

Been there, seen that. One of my former friends runs his own business and he’s an avid lottery player. Since the moment I’ve met him, he’s been one of the most passionate lottery players I’ve ever seen. However, he didn’t have enough spare time to play the lottery and be successful. So he hired an assistant to help him out with his daily activities in his office. Eventually, he got so much free time that his lottery efforts gave results, positive ones.

You could see it in his eyes that he really wanted  this. In the end, his business didn’t suffer any losses, he made another person happy for giving her a job, he could play the lottery regularly without worrying about his business. It was a win-win-win situation. It’s important to be happy at work. That’s the only state of mind that sets the ground for devising new creative, out of the box solutions for any troubles you might have to deal with.

Don’t Be Too Greedy – There Are Two Ways to Get Rich

As an avid lottery player, you must prefer the 2nd one, which is to win the lottery. However, successfully running your business can also turn you into a millionaire. Then again, this largely depends on the nature of your business and how fast you can earn the money. It’s rather bad if you mix these up, not give each of them the time they take to make a progress.

For example, don’t be greedy by not hiring an assistant. You know that you want to play the lottery. If you don’t check your lottery tickets, you know you’ll be thinking about them during your next meeting. If you have to, bring that up to your client/supplier. They’ll most likely find it funny, unless you’re in a bad relations with them already.

It’s Not the End of the World if You Miss One Draw

Although I highly discourage lottery players from missing lottery draws, if you’re running a business, you can be an exception to this rule. Not that people who are working for someone else can’t be, but business owners, come on, we can cut them some slack. After all they have to take care of so many people, so much money and they have to do it within one day only. I know of lottery players who spend the whole day playing the lottery. Full time lottery players are an increasing player group. Business owners who play the lottery, well, that number is going down.

That’s why, if you can’t spare some time, and you suspect that you might miss a draw, just buy lottery tickets for multiple draws ahead. This guarantees you a spot in the race for the jackpot!

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