Lottery Winners in the World of Lottery, But Losers in Real Life!

Lottery winners, losers in love

A Sad Face behind Heavy Money Bags!

I’m not saying that only a lottery player falls in and out of love, most people get the benefit of tasting this bitter truth, unfortunately, and while to some it makes them stronger, some shatter to a thousand pieces. Well, what do you know, many people think that having money means having everything, but you can’t buy true love with money, or can you? Let’s take a look at some lottery winners, losers in love!

Adrian and Gillian Bayford

Lottery winners - Adrian and Gillian Bayford

Now these people scooped a humongous lottery jackpot for a whopping £148 million sometime last year, but 15 months later they had the big talk. At first they started blaming ‘stress’ for the reason behind their decision to divorce, but sometime later it was rumored that Mrs Bayford had an affair with their gardener ad when Mr Bayford found out he ran over his love rival with a golf buggy! They divorced after being married for nine months! Talk about love is blind, stupid, dumb and retarded.

Dave and Angela Dawes

Lottery winners - Dave and Angela Dawes

Ah, just about time for another breakup. This couple won a whopping £101 million, but even they broke up for a very silly reason: they couldn’t decide how to spend their fortune! Now they did buy a £9 million mansion in Surrey, but they just didn’t know what to do with the rest so they decided they were better off divorced! LOL talk about the reasons of getting divorced! That tells me one thing – money can’t buy love! They were married for six years before making the final decision to divorce.

Les Scadding and Samantha Peachey

Lottery winners - Les Scadding and Samantha Peachey

Okay, here’s something that’s going to blow your mind into the tiniest pieces you can ever imagine! So a 63-year old Les Scadding was happily married to a 42-year old Samantha Peachey. When they won the lottery, they were cuddling and kissing like no one was watching, basking in their newfound fame and richness. Samantha proudly vowed that the money will be used to better their lives, but that was, according to her, just a joke! Samantha started spending the money like there was no tomorrow and Les, well, he was left sitting at home in Gwent.

Soon she started spending a lot of time away from her husband and soon Les found out what she was doing when she was away – spending the money to look younger! She lost weight, changed her hairstyle and transformed herself to the point that it led to their divorce. With a passion for diamonds, Samantha kept spending money on jewelry and plush hotels while her husband remained home alone. Samantha, who previously didn’t want to have children (and who knew her husband was way past being a new dad), suddenly started stressing Les about having children!

Kenneth Dukes and Sherri Lynn Dukes

This dude here reminds me of a joke! What’s better than winning a lottery? Winning it a day after your divorce comes through! The only difference is that this lottery winner divorced his wife only a few days before picking up his fortune. Ex-wife Sherri Lynn Dukes, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, was unaware of his husband’s intention, but according to the law, she can claim his estate if she steps forward. Kenneth said that the reason behind the divorce was adultery, abandonment, and drug and alcohol addiction. Whether it’s true or not, only Sherri can tell…

Future Lottery Winners in Love

It’s all too easy to part ways and say your final goodbyes, but you must remember why you ended up together in the first place! You may be a lottery winner, but don’t end up being a loser when it comes to your love life. Be the jack of all trades and God willing, if you do win a lottery, and don’t want to divorce just because you don’t know how to spend the cash, look around. You don’t have to do anything to gain fame, feed a hungry person, educate a child, donate some to charity… it will all help you feel happy inside. And if you still have lots left over, well, I don’t mind volunteering!