Lottery Winner Stories Where Persistence Is Key

Lottery Winner Stories Where Persistence Is Key

Push Your Imagination with a few Lottery Winner Stories

If you’re tired of putting on the lottery every week and never coming up as a winner, maybe the following few paragraphs will lift your spirits in the hope of finally hitting the jackpot, or at least some of it.

We know that the odds of actually winning big on the lottery are very slim, in fact for the UK National Lottery it is thought that to win the jackpot with six correct numbers, the odds are around 14 million to one – that makes the chances of your dreams coming true pretty unlikely; having said that, someone has to win, right? So, why can’t it be you?

A Little Inspiration to Brighten Your Day

How you play the lottery depends on preference, and whether you go for the school of thought that strategy is the way forward, or whether you simply hit and hope, the fact remains that you have to play in the first place to be in with a chance of winning. Now, the odds are stacked against you, but persistence is key, as these few stories show.

Again, in the UK lottery, it is thought that around 10,000 people per week still pick the numbers 1-6 and put them on, hoping that comedy will win out. The chances of it happening? Well, slim basically, but not impossible. However, there are several lottery winner stories out there of people winning more than once with the same set of numbers – the chances are highly unlikely, probably up there with being struck by lightning, or walking down the street and bumping into George Clooney in the depths of Azerbaijan; basically these are lottery winner stories of patience and luck, with a little of the unlikely thrown in for good measure.

For instance, the odds were five trillion to one and more, but one guy scooped his second lottery win with the same set of numbers, made up of birthdays and special dates. I guess he’s now hoping that it comes in threes!

On top of this you have the lottery winner stories where fans of the TV series Lost, around 26,000 of them to be precise, all put on the numbers used by the character Hurley in the show, and each won $150; it might not be a jackpot winning story, but it’s still a tale of persistence and extreme chance.

Probably the most surprising story of all is the tale of a guy from British Colombia who waited for 35 years to win any kind of major jackpot, using the same numbers every week and purchasing two tickets at a time. You might think he would have given up after a few years, but instead he persisted for those 35 years and ended up winning a huge amount – $31.7 million to be exact, winning on both tickets. If that’s not a story of patience and one to give you hope that your time will come, I don’t know what is!

Turning Inspiration into Practice

So, what is your strategy? Do you play seriously, or do you just hope that one day your luck will come in? Some would argue that it is totally down to luck, but these lottery winner stories show that a little strategy certainly helps push things along. For instance, if you buy two tickets, are you upping your chances? Well, of course you are to a degree, because you have two goes at winning, rather than one, and if you go down the same road as that lucky guy from British Columbia who won on both tickets, scooping a huge jackpot, then you’re seriously going to be laughing your way to the bank. Having said that, if you buy two tickets with a different set of numbers, you are increasing your chances, because you obviously have two sets that could win, rather than one.

Do you pick numbers which are special to you, such as birthdays and anniversaries? If you do, I guess you could argue that a little fate may have intervened, but whatever you believe on that score, the beauty of the lottery is this – that anything could happen, to anyone, at any time, and you only have to head online and read a few lottery winner stories to help push your imagination and hope through the roof.