Lottery winner faces criminal charges for fraud


Some people seem to never be satisfied with what they’ve got and greed pushes them to actions that don’t make any sense. Surprising as it might sound, a former lottery winner who took home a jackpot worth $1 million after winning the main prize in the “Million Dollar Cash Fever” scratch-off game is now accused of fraud. She took advantage of her position of caregiver and the fact that she had power of attorney over an elderly lady she was looking after, and stole in excess of $258,000.

Lottery winner could serve time in jail

We’ve seen and heard about lottery winners who failed to take advantage of this rare opportunity and change their lives for the better, but this case is special. What makes it so different is the fact that the winner is a 70 year old lady who goes by the name of Sharon Jacobosky. At her age one would suspect that with $1 million in her bank account, all that she needs to do is to enjoy a peaceful retirement because money is no longer of the essence.

Apparently, Sharon was not satisfied with $1 million and didn’t hesitate to resort to fraud, to increase her bank account by more than a quarter million. The investigators suggest that the amount stolen from the elderly woman is a massive $258,000, but the victim’s relatives suspect that the amount is almost 3 times as high. The authorities told the media that Jacobosky stole the aforementioned amount over the course of three years, starting on January 2009. She was taken into custody but after paying bail she left Luzerne County Jail with the charges pending and the investigation ongoing.

Preliminary hearing set for August 22

It was the victim’s niece that alerted the police back in 2011, after Evelyn Hannon suspected the fact that her aunt was being robbed blind. She knew that Clementine Moseman had close to $1 million in her bank account and went she checked the records discovered that the amount shrunk to less than $200,000 which prompted her to suspect Jacobosky. The latter took care of Moseman`s disabled daughter and that’s how she earned the trust of the old lady, who never suspected her of stealing money.

Sharon will be facing the wrath of the law if found guilty, and with the preliminary hearing set one week from now time is quickly running out for her. Evelyn Hannon is poised to reveal the whole truth and has diligently worked with the authorities ever since she accused Jacobosky of fraud and turned her in to police. She is outraged by the fact that the perpetrator took advantage of an elderly woman who trusted her completely and even signed checks in blank, assuming that Sharon was going to pay the bills.

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