Lottery player ‘accidentally’ wins $14.3 million from the Mega Bucks Lottery

Mega Bucks Lottery jackpot

The lottery is a game based purely on luck. If you are a lottery luck skeptic, Napolean Elvord lottery win tale will make you a strong believer on lottery luck. Elvord, is a Vietnam Veteran who was a regular lottery player. Since his retirement from the US Army, he had faced lots of financial hardships, but this did not deter him from regularly playing his favorite lottery, the Powerball.

On January 13 2012, through his usual routine, he went to purchase a Powerball lottery ticket from his local lottery agents. Accidentally, he purchased a Mega Bucks lottery ticket instead of his usual Powerball ticket. The Mega Buck Lottery is a game exclusive to the Wisconsin residents. Interestingly, Elvord never checked the ticket he purchased and hence believed that he held a ticket to the next Powerball draw.

Days afterwards, he checked the winning numbers from the Powerball lottery draw and since he had the wrong ticket, the numbers did not match. Days went by and still Elvord was unaware that he was a the lucky millionaire from the Mega Bucks lottery draw. However, news that a winning ticket had been purchased at his local lottery agent made him to go recheck the lottery ticket that lay on his kitchen table.

It was to his utter disbelief when he found out that the ticket he held was in fact a Mega Bucks lottery ticket and not a Powerball ticket as he had earlier thought. On checking the ticket numbers, it came as a complete shock that the numbers matched the winning ticket from the draw. He hurriedly left for Wisconsin Lottery office where the ticket was validated as the winning one.

Elvord opted for the lump sum payment option of $10.2 Million that comes down to $6.87 Million after deduction of state taxes. On how he plans to use his newly found fortune, Elvord will first seek a comprehensive medical insurance plan that will see him through a successful kidney transplant. He also plans to give back to the community through supporting plans to develop low cost housing for poverty stricken residents.