Julie Styles: The Story of how God answers in time

Julie Styles

Julie Styles is a lottery winner who won £1.6million from the UK lotto. Although not a big lottery win, the story behind the winning is what has aroused the interest of the public. She is a single mother of two and hence her family depended on her for the daily livelihood. With the current tough economic times, it was becoming harder for her to meet the ends meet with each passing day.

Other than her job at a clothing store, the only finance line she had was receiving a tax credit for her her 16 year-old daughter Kelsie. The problem was that Kelsi was close to hitting 17 meaning that she would stop receiving the tax credit. The matter was a cause her worries and prior to winning the lottery, she was having sleepless nights.

However, the challenges she faced did not stop her from playing her favorite lottery. On April Friday 13, she stuck to her schedule and purchased a UK lotto ticket. That simple move turned out to be the solution to all her troubles. As luck would have it, Julie Styles hit the jackpot and won £1.6million.

The cash was not only the remedy to her sleepless nights, but also the gateway to fulfilling her lifelong dreams. Looking back at the challenges she faced in life she could not imagine that one day out of nowhere she would be £1.6million richer. She is still getting accustomed to living as a millionaire.

She plans to use the money in clearing some of the mortgage payments and the general upkeep of her family. She will also spend part of the money on treating her family to a holiday in the Caribbean and fulfilling her dream of owning an Audi TT.