Is Lottery A Way Out For Unemployed People? Let’s Find Out!

Is Lottery A Way Out For Unemployed People?

This is, by far, the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my entire life. Just because you’re unemployed doesn’t mean you’re only good for playing the lottery, is it? I’ll tell you a very personal experience and when I say very personal, I’m literally talking about myself here! After I graduated with a degree in something valuable from a reputed college, I thought finding a job wouldn’t be difficult. After all, I had a good reputation and so who really cares about the experience, right? Boy, did I land face first on a dusty floor. I was unemployed for a little over a year. YEAH. A little over a year and you can imagine what people must have thought about me. I even heard someone whispering, “All that college money, all to waste… such a waste of life!” I was disappointed, but it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying?! I was dragging my ass to nearly every job interview, but they counted experience, which I didn’t have, which clearly wasn’t my problem. Anyway, I tried and tried. But all good things take a lot of (fucking) time to arrive, right?

Here, Play the Lottery Mate, It’s Your Only Way Out

Yeah, like I had money stacked somewhere to keep buying lottery tickets. One of my lottery playing friends came up to me with his garbage filled head. First, he made fun of the fact that I couldn’t get a job after learning so much and then he bragged about how cool his job was, he’s a security guard, but so weak that if I were to punch him with just my finger he’d die. I’m not sure how he got the job, but I definitely didn’t want to be a security guard carrying a massive degree. Then he told me about playing the lottery. We talked for hours about how fun it is, the odds and how I can beat the odds by playing regularly and stuff. I was stupid enough to get into his talks and said okay to it. So back in the 90s’ I purchased my first lottery ticket with my pocket money from my piggy bank. It’s not funny.

From Rags to Riches and Back Again

Although the tickets were cheap I felt a sudden pain in my heart because how long will I keep buying these tickets if I have no source of income? My dear dad would never agree to give me money every week just to buy lottery tickets you know. I’m sure most of you feel the same. So I decided to get a part time job at a cash counter and because karma is a b*tch, the guys I studied with all came over to taunt me about how cool they were at their job and how unlucky I was to be working there. It didn’t matter, I knew why I was working; I had a goal in my mind. But you know, it doesn’t work that way. Of course I never told my parents about how I was “spending” the money I received, but suddenly my dad started about taking some responsibility.

So here I was working and paying 80% to my parents for house upkeep. The remaining 20% was enough to buy me lunch every day! Technically speaking, for the world of lottery, I was, unfortunately, unemployed yet again.

Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side?

If this is your question and thank you for reading my rant, it’s not. If you’re unemployed, and if you have a stupid friend who asks you to play the lottery instead of looking for some decent jobs, kick them in their royal asses. It doesn’t work like that, trust me. If you’re unemployed and you start playing the lottery, think about how you will manage to buy the tickets, because the Lady Luck isn’t going to come down and say, “My child, you’re unemployed, here, take this $50million jackpot, enjoy!” that’s not going to happen. You might have to buy at least a thousand tickets to get something, and sometimes if you buy one you’re rich. There are no strategies, no software or philosophies that can help you beat all odds to win the lottery.

So to answer your question, lottery isn’t a way out for unemployment. It never was and it never will be! So instead of playing the lottery, look for a job and when you’re financially stable, play the lottery so you don’t have to depend on anyone to help you buy lottery tickets! Finally, about my lottery journey, when I bought my first ticket, I won $5, which greedily spent on a couple lottery tickets and then didn’t win anything. I regret I should have used that money to get a decent dinner, instead!

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