How to Stay Motivated Constantly Losing in Lottery

How to Stay Motivated Constantly Losing in Lottery

Whenever I get in a hot discussion about the lottery with some of my friends and “not friends”, I always compare it with a marathon. The title says it all, and it’s exactly why I compare it with a long distance running race. People who finish the race seek motivation in places you’d never imagine. Some of them discontinue from the present, thinking about the finish line only. Now, nobody will give you a pat on the back when and if you win the lottery, but here are a few points that just might get you back on your feet when you feel like you’re constantly losing.

Is the Lottery Everything You Do? – Find Success in Other Areas

Although highly NOT recommended, there are people who pool their entire effort, their entire time and resources to the lottery. Now, these people are not the ones who will lose motivation along the way. These are full-time lottery players that start playing the lottery before they’ve had their cup of coffee. Imagine a lottery player like this, starts losing big time? Yeah, he/she’s in trouble.

I assume you’re a fellow like me, who besides the lottery has other important things in his/her life. Suck the motivation, the high that you need to keep on playing from the success in other areas. For example, I’m into sports, so you get the idea. A new personal best is good enough to keep me motivated for a couple of weeks without winning.

Start Fresh – Test Your Approach with a Different Lottery

This can happen to anyone. Imagine a long distance runner getting lost, it’s pretty much the same with the lottery. To illustrate, many lottery players will try to adapt to the lottery they play, applying different approaches, strategies, etc., that will eventually turn into one big mess.

Sometimes starting fresh is the best option a lottery player has. In addition, this is the easiest decision a player who lacks motivation can do. You might have the necessary means to win a different lottery. Maybe, the one you’re currently playing is not meant to be, it just doesn’t fit your style.

Start fresh, today! There’s a thing called New Energy. It’s that overwhelming feeling that’s distinctive and rare, but it also lasts for a while. Remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels? The joy, the happiness! This is the best example I can make. Starting playing a new lottery successfully can bring you that joy.

Losing Isn’t Failing – Quitting Is Failing

I will applaud to anyone who takes part in the race, but anyone who finishes the race deserves a standing ovation. To lose means you’ve taken a risk. Those who don’t take any risks, rarely experience any thrills and most importantly, they rarely win.

Remember, as a lottery player, you fail when you quit, not when you lose. It’s part of the game. If everybody wins the lottery, it wouldn’t be as exciting as it currently is, right?

This top of the hill has room for only one player, one winner.

Losing in Lottery Today – Winning the Lottery Tomorrow

This is what I love about the lottery. Today you’re the biggest loser the lottery community ever had, tomorrow you’re in the spotlight, praised by all lottery players who wonder how you did it. Well, at least that’s how I go about seeing a new jackpot winner.

Do you know what’s around the corner? No, and in order to find out you have to go the distance and take a look. Do you know if you can win the lottery in tomorrow’s draw? No, and in order to be sure you have to buy a ticket. What’s worse than not buying a lottery ticket with your numbers and seeing them turning a fellow lottery player a multi-millionaire?

You don’t want to wake up in that kind of a reality. You better be safe than sorry!

We’re Sorry for the Things We Didn’t Do More than for the Things We Did Do

Let’s take a “feel trip”. Let’s go back memory lane, back when we were young and innocent, young, wild and free. I have some regrets from that period, but mostly for the things I didn’t do. Yes, I’ve made many mistakes, but in all honesty, I don’t feel as bad for making these mistakes like I do for the ones I didn’t do. I’m not saying playing the lottery is a mistake, but many will argue that not quitting is a potential mistake.

Unfortunately, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t quit and know, and quit and win. You can play, win and know, or quit and never again be bothered by another lottery player winning with your numbers. It’s the curse I deal with on a daily basis. I’m still playing the lottery by the way.

All It Takes Is One Super Big Win to Get Back on Track

Unlike many other hobbies, activities or interests, the lottery can be rather generous, even to those who least deserve it. The thing is, the lottery does not take in consideration the time, the resources a lottery player has invested. This means, a player could’ve been playing the lottery for only a couple of weeks and scoop millions. On the other hand, this also means that a player can be losing constantly for years, waiting for that one big win, and be in the same basket like the aforementioned player.

Unfortunately, the lottery can be ruthless. If you’ve been constantly losing the lottery for a considerable period, don’t feel bad for yourself. I know that the reasonable thing to do is just that, but it’s never too late to change the point of view.

For example, imagine how a novice player is looking at you. “He/she’s been in the lottery for years. Despite not winning for a month, he/she looks as if yesterday’s lottery draw brought him/her millions.”

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