How to Play the Lottery without Losing Your Mind and Your Girlfriend!

How to play the lottery without losing your mind

A Practical Guide For a Practical You!

So, there are times when avid lottery players just feel like giving up on their dream of winning the jackpot altogether. This happens for a variety of reasons – maybe they’ve been playing for too long and have never won or they’re too stressed to think of good numbers. What’s your reason?

Play the Lottery with a Sane Mind

When you see gambling sites, because let’s agree that lottery is a form of gambling, what is one common phrase that almost all gambling sites have? It’s to play responsibly, right? But how many of us are actually playing responsibly? I know of a lottery player, who is so insane, you can’t even trust him with a $5 bill. You know that he’s going to spend it on a lottery tickets than buy himself a cup of coffee! That, my friend, isn’t anything like playing responsibly! The game of lottery is so popular that around 44 states in the US currently host lotteries and for the year 2013 lottery sales went up to around $68 billion! Now why am I telling you that? So you know how many people are actually playing the game!

Playing Lottery Responsibly

The game of lottery can be extremely addictive, but it’s important that you play responsibly. Don’t get carried away when you don’t win anything at all, despite playing it for years. It’s a commitment you make to yourself without having to go all crazy about it. Set aside some time for yourself and your loved ones. I’ve personally known players who are so bad at playing the lottery that they can’t see anything beyond it. They sleep with their tickets, wake up with them, eat with them, drink with them and some even talk to them! Yeah, you might think, are you crazy? Wish I was, but I see lots of people praying to their lottery tickets, deadly hoping to win something. It’s only a piece of paper, but this piece of paper can make or break your life… literally.

Making Smart Choices

If you think that the game of lottery is getting the best of you, maybe you need to take a break and concentrate on something else before you go insane and lose your life altogether. They say patience is virtue so you need lots and lots of patience when you play the lottery because it’s a game of luck, nothing and no one can help you win with a 100% guarantee. Only when you’re able to digest this bitter pill with a smiling face, should you actually be playing the lottery! If you keep focusing on winning, you will lose out on a lot of other things so keep a balance between your love for the lottery and your real life so you don’t end up losing both in the hopes of getting rich! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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