How to Play the French Lotto Game

French Lotto

The French Lotto was launched in 1976 and is among the most popular lottery played by the French. Its domination against the other lottery is still strong and players of the French lottery are numbered to be approximately fifteen million. The lottery is under the operations of the Francaise des Jeuxl.

The French lottery draw style and lotto game is that of the traditional jackpot. Francaise des Jeuxl offers the French lottery as a flagship game. Francaise des Jeuxl is in charge of the national lottery and gaming industry in France.

The jackpot in the French lottery starts at two million Euros. The jackpot employs the roll over system. This means that in the case that the lottery is not one, an amount of one million Euro is added to the next jackpot. The jackpot is given an allowance to roll over up to 34 times.

This makes the France lottery to host some very large jackpots. The largest French lottery jackpot ever won was that of €18200000 won the June 2011. The draw for the French lottery takes place thrice every week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.

The double matrix format of 5/49 & 1/10 is used in the France lottery drawing. During the drawing of the first numbers, the first five numbers are drawn from a ball containing 49 numbers. Later the ‘Lucky Number’ is drawn from a ball containing ten numbers.

Therefore, in playing the French lottery you select K key numbers from the pool containing numbers 1 to 49. You then choose the lucky number from a pool that contains the numbers 1 to 10. By a player matching all the main five numbers plus the lucky number, the player walks home with the jackpot.

The Jackpot is the main prize for the lottery player. Apart from the jackpot, you can win a prize in the France lottery in some five other ways. The quick pick technique is also available in the French lottery. For lottery novices, the quick pick or also known as, Lucky Dip is a facility that randomly picks the lottery numbers to be played for the lottery.

Apart from the kiosks, several agents offer online ticket purchasing for the French lottery. In the past years, only French Citizens were eligible to play the French lottery. The advancement in of the internet has made it possible and eligible for any one on earth 18 years of age and above to play this awesome lottery.

Once you have purchased the online ticket, it is long into their site to see if you are the next millionaire. The odds of you winning are quite competitive. For you to take home the jackpot you have the odds of 1 in 19.06 million.

The oddness of the French lottery player matching all the five numbers stands at 1 in 2.11 million. For the third prize the odds are more favorable as they stand at 1 in 9,631. The odds of you matching three of the main numbers are at 1 in 224.

Another great thing about the French lottery is that the jackpot is paid in a tax-free lump sum. You have a period of 60 days for you to claim your prize.