How to Believe in Winning the Lottery When You’re a Pessimist

How to Believe in Winning the Lottery When You're a Pessimist

The lottery is a game of chance, and occasionally, your faith gets put to the test. Many players get crushed by the pressure of poor results, and they quit. However, people who quit, as you expected, never win the lottery. Sure, some players take years before they seal the deal with a grand jackpot lottery prize. I’ve talked many times before about lottery players who were days before losing all hope and giving up, and then they win the lottery at the very last minute.

So what can you do to get back on track, start believing in winning the lottery? Becoming pessimistic is one of the worst things that can happen to a lottery player.

Let Secondary Prizes Be Your Jackpots for a While

If you can win the big game, change the scale. Sure, you might not get the attention of the news media, and your bank account won’t have 7 or 8 digits, but at least you’re still in the game. Treating a secondary prize as a jackpot takes away the monetary aspect only. You still get the thrills and the adrenaline rush, which in my opinion, is more memorable. You can’t lose your memories, but you can spend the money.

For the time being, you need the will to play the lottery. It’s not a matter of budget problems, lack of skill or discipline, it’s the motivation that’s the issue. As the heading says, let the secondary prizes be your jackpots. Watch how your friends and family get confused by your joy.

Remap Your Thinking Process

Pretty much all of the points I’ve made in this article can be put in this category. In a way, you’re training your brain, your consciousness to find excitement once again, despite losing. Winning the lottery is a process, but it has a real ending. You’re either or on top of everybody else, or you’re just another loser. Or are you?

I still haven’t won the jackpot, but there’s a silver lining. You know how there’s this thing “lottery curse.” Well, if I don’t win the jackpot I think to myself, “I guess I’m still not prepared for that overwhelming amount of money. I guess I would fail greatly if I get the jackpot”. And I get back to my daily activities, buying more lottery tickets, evaluating past performance, and checking the statistics. It’s not that difficult once you change your view.

Try to Have Fun Again – Successful Lottery Players Enjoy Despite Losing Sprees

Time and time again, I’ve said that the lottery should be fun and entertaining. If you don’t find it as such, you should find a different hobby. It’s not a 9 to 5 thing; it’s something you do to get your inner self excited.

A few months ago, I re-evaluated some lottery winner stories. It was at that moment that I realized all successful lottery players enjoyed the lottery before finally putting their jackpots in their pockets. It was now that I was confident that the lottery is not a well of money everybody is looking for. Instead, it’s that TV show you binge watch before the new season is out. Eventually, something changes.

So, do you think you’re a successful player? If not, then why do you anticipate winning the lottery? If somebody asks you, “John/Jane, are you a successful lottery? Are you satisfied with the returns?” You tell them, “You betcha”! Jackpots always find their rightful owners.

Don’t Overthink It – Go With the Flow

Let’s play a game; you might’ve heard about it before. If I tell you not to think of an elephant, you’re probably already doing it. Telling you not to overthink it makes things worse! Instead, I will tell you to not think of experiencing the lottery as something you don’t want interesting anymore.

There! Sure, it’s not as simple, but you might be a victim of tunnel vision. I’m not talking about Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision! Don’t think of Justin now! I’m trying to teach you how not to overthink. Tunnel vision occurs when you over-focus on something, for example, winning the lottery. Try finding another achievement worth achieving. Soon after, you’ll find the lottery is a child’s play.

I call this “hard to get.” It’s not the jackpot that’s hard to get, your attention is! Turn the tables with simple reverse psychology.

You Might Need a Short to Medium Break

Let’s be honest; everybody needs to take a step back once in a while and take a good look at the big picture. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve advanced throughout the years. During this break, regardless of how long it is, you’ll realize that there are players with worse results than yours and still are in play. Furthermore, you will also learn that many jackpot winners have won the lottery in their first few months of play, which I’m very sad about. It’s pure luck!

I cannot challenge luck, but I can deal with uncertainty up to a certain extent. A short break will give you the insight you need to restart your lottery play and become successful and rich!

Remember, some players might need a break of a few weeks; others might take months. It all depends on how severe your dissatisfaction and pessimism have advanced.

You Think Can or You Can’t Do It – Regardless, You Are Right

A few years ago, I was severely depressed, although I never dared to visit a doctor and get diagnosed. The lottery was not an issue back then, but I had other, in all honesty, more serious matters on my mind. A friend of mine approached me and told me this. I remember it as if it was yesterday! “Look, it doesn’t matter what you know, what you’re capable of. It all comes down to what you think you can do. If you think you can do it or you think you can’t, you’re right on both occasions”. This struck me as a nonchalant response, but it didn’t take long before the changes became apparent.

When you find yourself in an unenviable situation, thinking about how you cannot win the jackpot, stop, and think again. You CAN do it. Pessimism is poisonous and infectious. It’s best to act fast and deal with it in its early stages before it’s done any damage.

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