How to avoid falling prey to fake lottery claims of winning

Fake lottery

Fake lottery or lottery scam

It is a very sad state to be in when one becomes the next victim of a lottery scam. It is really helpful to learn how to identify one when you come across it and know how to slip away before being conned. The frequency in which people unknowingly accept claims from fake lotteries is clearly underrated since not everyone who gets duped says it in public.

These illegal entities can be avoided by all means. First of all, get to know that true lotteries never communicate by e-mail to notify you of a win. This is done in a public forum such as in online draws or on television draws too. Furthermore, fake lotteries usually ask for certain amounts of money from the winner. This is termed as prize processing fee which in a real sense is a ploy to rip off the person of his hard earned money. Authentic lotteries never ask the winner to pay any fees and claiming the prize is always free. Try and pay attention to such details if faced with a situation you are unsure of.

Another factor to be considered and one that should cause you to raise your eyebrows if it happens is a situation where you are told you won from an email competition. This notification goes ahead to say that your email was selected from a random set of emails and you deserve a prize. Do not fall for it that is a lottery scam. No one should use your address for whatever reason without your permission. Also, such notifications usually ask you to keep it as a secret due to some mishap of mix-up in names of players. This is a sign of someone trying to earn money illegally and needs to be discouraged. Be wise and totally ignore it.

Learn topurchase your lottery tickets only from authorized agents who have official certification to sell the tickets. They are many and found in most retail lottery shops all over. If an agent looks fishy to you, please do not hesitate to find another one that you will be more comfortable with. This is a definite way of ridding yourself of unscrupulous agents who work for scammers.

A value which all lottery players should consider seriously is responsibility. When you buy your own ticket yourself, follow on it up yourself and cross check for winning, you do not stand a chance of being tricked by lottery scams. This is because you will know everything that pertains to it and not just relying on a third party to inform you.

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