How Burning Bridges Can Lead to Winning the Lottery! Please Don’t Try This At Home!

How Burning Bridges Can Lead to Winning the Lottery

Alright, so this happens more often than we think wherein people have to burn bridges for winning the lottery, and by burning bridges I mean everything from quitting jobs to divorcing your partners! Before continuing forward it is my responsibility to let you know that burning bridges can be harmful! Hence please do not try this at home. (LOL only to find out after reading this, your partners come screaming my name!)

Anyway, a lot of people are lucky to have burned bridges and get paid for it. I’m not saying they did that for winning the lottery, they weren’t even aware they would win the lottery, but their practical life just got the best out of them and they thought it was finally time to turn over to a fresh page. As soon as they did that, the Lady Luck showered them with money… lots of money. Don’t believe me? Take a look!

The Burned Bridge Story of Kevin Halstead

The Burned Bridge Story of Kevin Halstead

Don’t tell me this is a coincidence because it’s not. Kevin won the lottery jackpot for a whopping £2.3million the day after his divorce was finalized! Poor ex, oh and she won £5 on a scratch card. LOL. Anyway, after winning the lottery, the 50-year old spent the weekend with his friends, confused whether to celebrate or to weep! His friend said,

“Kevin’s divorce dragged on for a couple of years. Everything was settled on Friday, so he went out and got drunk. On Saturday he decided to spend his last quid on a lottery ticket. He checked the papers next morning and saw he’d won half the jackpot.”

As for his 48-year old ex-Helen, well she didn’t get a penny from Kevin’s fortune unless he felt like giving her something, which I doubt he did.

The Burned Bridge Story of Randy Fletcher

For this man, the year 2004 was pure hell until one Saturday that changed his entire life. This 29 year old, a resident of Brownstown took a half-day off work because he wasn’t feeling well. When he came home, he found his wife of four years, Tara, in bed with a neighbor. Two months after that he wrecked his mint-condition 1956 Chevy that he had carefully restored for three years when a deer ran out in front of him. Then in May, his 12-year old German Shepherd, Molly had to be put to sleep because she was diagnosed with cancer. Then on the 15 of July he lost his house and most of his life’s savings in the divorce proceedings, claiming that his life was a curse.

But on the 17th July, his life changed forever. He purchased $5 Hoosier quick picks and won $1 million! He said,

“I was in complete shock for several hours, it took me several minutes to catch my breath. It was the most unbelievable and amazing feeling I have ever had, especially after all that had happened this year. I am going to buy a new house, probably get Harley, and a new puppy, probably another (German) Shepherd. Get a whole new fresh start on life. I also want to head to Cancun for a few days this winter.”

When asked for advice for others who might be in a similar situation, he said,

“Just keep plugging away. Sooner or later things will look up. I am a prime example of that.”

Lesson Learned From Winning the Lottery

The above are just two examples of many, many more. It just tells us one simple thing – if life throws lemons, make lemonade because the moment you run away, you lose your chances of the Lady Luck’s mercy and compassion. Learn from them and never lose hope!

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