Have You Just Become a Lottery Winner? Before You Quit Your Job, Do These 5 Things!

Lottery Winners Wanting To Quit Their Jobs

Have you just won a lottery jackpot and you want to quit your job now? I know it’s very tempting to go straight to your boss and talk to him like his boss and tell him how unlucky he is because you’re quitting! I know and I absolutely love that feeling, but trust me, it’s not worth it. So don’t do it, just yet. If you haven’t yet won a lottery jackpot, you still need to read this because eventually you will win and so this article will help you not make a mistake and a fool out of yourself! So why should you not quit just yet? There’s a reason behind it and I’m going to tell you them below!

Lottery Winner Tip #1 – Make Sure You Have a Job After Quitting

Alright, let’s assume that you called it quit and now your boss doesn’t want to work with you, what next? If you don’t have anything to do after quitting your job, you’re eventually going to spend all your fortune on things you don’t need. So make sure that before you quit, you have another job to occupy your mind and to prevent you from unnecessary expenses.

Lottery Winner Tip #2 – Make Sure You Leave In Good Spirits

There’s no point quitting your job in a way that your boss hates you altogether! There’s something we call a “lottery curse” and if you get tangled in it, you will need all the help to come out of it. So be kind to people no matter how weird they are, you never know who’s help you might require sometime in the future. So when you quit your job, be thankful to your boss, tell them how much you appreciate their patience and time. Remember this is just a backup in case things don’t work out! Don’t burn bridges!

Lottery Winner Tip #3 – Make Sure You Have a Savings to Start With

When a lottery player becomes a lottery winner, all of a sudden whatever amount they have in hand is never enough! They always ask for more and more and finally one day they have nothing to spare. It’s very important that before you quit your job that’s probably paying you enough to afford your accommodation, you need to make sure you have savings and that you’re not going to solely rely on your lottery winnings to make a living! Very important.

Lottery Winner Tip #4 – Keep Quiet about How Much You Won

There’s no point bombarding people with how lucky you were to win such a huge amount of money. Don’t tell anyone how much you won and if they find out, then say something to cover it up otherwise next thing you know, your boss is asking you to hire him! Be quiet about your lottery winnings and just quit your job as if you were just having a better opportunity elsewhere.

Lottery Winner Tip #5 – Provide Your Boss a Timely Notice

You might have just become a millionaire, a person who can literally just buy the company they’re currently working in! Nevertheless, please remember your professional ethics – don’t just go to your boss a day after winning the lottery to tell him you quit. It’s not professional and you shouldn’t do it. Give your boss a timely notice so that when you leave, you’re both happy.

What Did You Learn From Lottery Winners?

There’s so much you can learn from lottery winners that the list is just endless. But it depends entirely on you and how you wish to keep things. If you want to be in contact after you quit, then its better you leave peacefully. But if your boss is a complete nut and everyone you work with knows that, and you wish to relocate to Antarctica, well, I guess, you do what you do best!

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