Don’t Just Buy a Next US Powerball Ticket, Buy a Dream

Don't Just Buy a Next US Powerball Ticket, Buy a Dream

Winning the Powerball jackpot is the dream of all lottery players. I mean, the reasons are rather obvious. Such an amount of money can drastically change the life of the winner, and their closest friends and family. What will a person do with so much money? It’s not like you need it all to enjoy life, live comfortably without ever worrying about your future. Nevertheless, certain jackpot winners have failed, and have their lives turned into nightmares.

So why you should identify your US Powerball ticket with a dream? Read on, and find out!

It All Starts with a Little Investment of $3

Have you ever thought that you can fulfill your wildest dreams with one lottery ticket that cost only $2? If you pay additional $1, you can win hundreds of million dollars. Back in January of 2015, we saw a record breaking lottery jackpot that surpassed the $1,000,000,000 threshold. All it took to take a share of that large $1.5bn jackpot was a lottery ticket that costs $3!

Sound crazy, right?! Well, you too can become a multimillionaire with one, single, US Powerball ticket. This is why I say don’t just buy a Powerball ticket, buy a dream!

Apparently, You Can Buy Dreams

And they’re not that expensive. That’s if you win the lottery. The first thing lottery winners say when they win the lottery is that they still can’t believe what has happened to them. I totally understand them. As they say it in their own words, “It feels like I’m still dreaming”. And what happens once they realize they’re not dreaming? You guessed it! Everything they ever wanted becomes reality.

What would you do with all that money? After all, it’s highly likely that you’ve never had a 7 or 8 digit bank balance. I like to describe this like cheating in video games. All of a sudden, you have all the resources you ever wanted. Now, you too can become part of the jet setters, trend setters, call them whatever you like!

Dreams Can Easily Become Nightmares – Clear Your Mind

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Remember how some of the best dreams you’ve had have a bitter ending. The problem with dreams is that they can easily turn into nightmares. However, the good thing about them is they are just dreams, after all. There are lottery winners who are living their dreams, but some of them have taken a different direction.

Sadly, many lottery jackpot winners are overwhelmed by the whole situation. They can’t deal with the pressure coming from their friends, their families, but most importantly, the hefty bank balance only a few can brag with. It’s essential to have the situation under your control. I recommend to stay anonymous. It’s something like having a pleasant dream, telling your friend about it, only to have them say that’s just nonsense. It’s better to keep your mouth shut. Don’t let that pleasant feeling you have when you wake up go away because of a stupid remark.

Speaking of Which, Have You Ever Had a Dream About Winning the Powerball?

There’s a saying, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. What you dream is a good indicator of what you’re really into. If you’re a passionate lottery player who has its eye on the Powerball jackpot, then it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that, yes, you have had a dream about it. It’s a statement, you can achieve it. Nonetheless, you have to go the extra mile and buy a US Powerball lottery ticket, or two, or three, or ten! It’s up to you and your budget.

I’m not saying you should bust your bank to win the Powerball jackpot, but it’s an undeniable fact you increase your chances of winning by buying more tickets, although, marginally. If dreams are what drives you forward, treat yourself with an extra Powerball ticket, at least this week. Don’t get carried away!

A US Powerball Ticket Is What You Need to Reach Stardom

Some do it by spending their entire lives to become a professional athlete, others develop esteemed academic experience and skills to accumulate large amounts of money. You as a lottery player might also be doing the aforementioned, or you might be pursuing a different type of career. Whatever your passion is, you’re here and you want to win the Powerball jackpot.

You’re not running a 10k every day, nor you spend 20 hours to develop a new, breakthrough drug that will cure cancer. You’re figuring out a way to do the unimaginable, become a lottery winner. It’s not such a benevolent objective, but you’re still contributing to the funding of many local and national public projects. After all, isn’t that what the lottery is doing? I guess, this is also one of the reasons why lottery players are well covered by the media.

Consider Yourself a Non-Selfish, Generous Person

Now this will definitely sound odd to you and many other lottery players. How are you being generous by playing the lottery? Well, the lottery community, the lottery market and the general lottery industry work as an eco-system. What happens inside, stays inside, with the exception of the funding for the public projects. But, even these are present near, around you. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Think of it  this way. When you lose, and nobody wins, the jackpot increases. Eventually, you can become the jackpot winner. In the meantime, another fellow lottery players are having their dreams fulfilled. Sure, it may come off as counterintuitive of what your ultimate objective is, but it’s how stuff works. You are contributing to the fortune of a lottery winner, somewhere, out there.

Did you start to feel good already, for being part of the lottery community? For making somebody’s dream come true?

Good, neither have I. Don’t blame me. I want to be the one that buys the next US Powerball ticket that will be talked about on the news.

Seize Your Dreams – Buy a Powerball Ticket for the Upcoming Draw

Seize them! Go out and buy your Powerball ticket. Even better! Buy your Powerball ticket online. It’s hassle free. The internet has made the dreams of millions of people come true. I have a feeling one of you is the next jackpot winner I’m going to talk about. If that’s the case, I will talk about you with pleasure. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, you need to get your ticket!

Let’s say that this is how you tell the universe and your alter ego, that you’re well prepared for what’s been yours all the long. Take is as a trigger. Now, I know this might come as over-aggressive. I’d be very happy if all of you lived your dreams, but I’d be even happier if some of you manage to live their Powerball jackpot dreams. I’ll call myself selfish because I want this to happen!