Common winning numbers in recent UK Lottery draws

"UK Lottery common winning numbers"

What for you need to know a common winning numbers?

The search for patterns and lucky numbers is never going to end, at least not as long as lottery players continue to hope that there is a way of beating the odds. Random as the draws are, for many players it is almost a duty to analyze impressive batches of information, in an attempt of revealing the winning sequence. Regardless of what strategy they use to create the ultimate lottery system, players need to stay up to date with the winning numbers in the UK lottery draws.

Most common lottery numbers

As expected, the numbers that are drawn more often in the UK lottery draws, have nothing to do with similar numbers extracted by machines in foreign lotteries. British players who wonder which are the numbers that frequently find their way out of the plastic ball, should know that the pack is right now led by 38. The difference is insignificant and the runner-up is 44 which was extracted 242 times, just once shy of tying the aforesaid number for the record.

Not surprisingly, the next in line was picked 241 times and this number is 23, with only two draws separating it from the next lottery number, which is 40. 39 and 25 complete the pack of six numbers, but those who are committed to creating a flawless lottery system will not stop there and really enjoy the material provided on the official website of the UK National Lottery. A closer look at these numbers will highlight the fact that 4/6 exceed the value of 31 which proves once again that there is no reason for being superstitious and using your birthdays as lottery numbers.

Steamy hot and ice cold numbers

While the overwhelming majority of people assume that lottery players are focusing all their attention on hot numbers, the reality is quite different. Knowing which are the common winning numbers is not necessarily an argument in favor of using them for future draws. Many players are searching for overdue numbers, because they expect them to emerge eventually and they want to be ready for them when this happens. Fortunately the national lottery is kind enough to provide plenty of data on this matter.

Numbers 13 is determined to prove that it brings bad luck, because for 80 consecutive draws this number was not extracted even once. Six and eight don’t have such negative connotation, but they are only seven draws behind and 43 is not faring any better. 42 and 16 are two more overdue numbers, so those who don’t trust steamy hot numbers should write these six down and use them in future combinations. As long as the research and calculations are exciting and adds to the fun generated by the lottery, there is nothing wrong with being passionate about common winning numbers.

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