Beware of fake lottery games

Fake lottery games

Play authentic lotto, avoid of fake lottery games

Every financial crook works very hard to find loopholes he can use to con you of your money. Unfortunately, this trend has spilled over to lottery games and that is why lottery scams exist. It is important that before playing the mega lotto or any other authentic game, a quick check up is done to ascertain that the lottery company is not a fake.

That is not to say that these lotteries sometimes dupe people but rather scammers may impersonate the company of some of your favorite lottery games. This article will elaborate on the phenomenon that is lottery scams.

Lottery scammers will never present to you as fake and by all means will look convincingly real in every aspect. But that is just a strategy to make you not suspect anything foul. Most of them handle their potential ’customers’ in a professional manner that kills any arising suspicion of them being scammers.

They present as people you can trust such as tax collectors, lawyers and financial experts who are only after rewarding you with a prize you supposedly won. The solution here is that authentic lotteries have never contacted the winner personally to tell them about the winning. Instead, the lottery player who finds his ticket numbers matching the one announced by the lottery presents himself as the winner with the ticket as evidence. A spot that and you are safe to play and win the mega lotto.

Another loophole lottery scams use is having you give them your personal information. They coerce you into revealing such sensitive information to them by saying it will help process your prize. The unsuspecting lotto player then gives out his personal account number, passport number or identification number.

These details are going to be used by the scammers to make financial transactions without your consent and the toll of it will be on your money in the bank. The antidote to this is never to divulge personal information to any lottery company. Only lottery scammers ask for it, real lotteries do not.

The third thing you need to know is that real lotteries never ask for money from the lotto winner in order to process their prize. On the contrary once declared the winner, it is up to you to go to them and claim the prize which is yours with immediate effect.

The wise thing to do is identify scammers when they ask you to pay a certain prize processing fee. Avoid them and you avoid trouble and that way you will play the mega lotto or any other lottery without any mishap.

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