Best of the lotto themed movies

Best of the Lotto themed movies

Lotto themed movies everyone must see

Winning the lottery is a dream that only an insignificant fraction of those who purchase ticketsget the chance to for feel, and for many movies are the closer they would get to see how it’s like to be that lucky. Some Hollywood productions are focusing on the good side of being a millionaire, others depict funny or dramatic events that might affect lottery winners. These are some of the best lotto themed movies, some of them based on actual facts other being entirely fiction but all of them just as exciting to watch.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Without being entirely about lottery tickets and millionaires, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most heartwarming movies one can watch. When the young Charlie bucket finds the golden ticket in a bar of chocolate, he wins a tour at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The plot is simple but the narrative and the way actors play are what makes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one of the best lottery themed movies ever created. Warner Bros earned almost half a billion worldwide, a sum that speaks for itself.

It Could Happen To You

This movie is inspired by true facts, as policeman Robert Cunningham chose to split his lottery win of $6 million with a restaurant waitress. In the movie, Nicholas Cage promises a waitress to share a potential lottery prize with her, to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have enough money for a decent tip. When he wins $4 million he sticks to his word and this triggers a series of events that are worth watching.

If I Had A Million

Pretty much everyone has an idea about what he will do if he wins the lottery jackpot, but very few people actually get the chance to translate their theories into reality. This movie is about eight people who were chosen randomly from the telephone book by a wealthy tycoon. The dying rich man chooses to split his fortune among eight random people instead of causing a fight for the money among relatives.

Finder’s Fee

Although it is said that no good deed remains unpunished, a man who finds a wallet on his way home chooses to return it to his owner. When he realizes that the 6 million lottery tickets is inside, he needs to decide what to do with it and the decisions he makes take a rather unexpected turn.

Lottery Ticket

Kevin Carson lives in a bad neighborhood and barely finds the money he needs to cover daily expenses, when he wins a massive $370 million on the lottery ticket. He finds the lucky numbers in a fortune cookie but after the draw, the race begins to redeem the prize before gangsters get the chance to find him and strip him of his ticket.

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