Basic information to guard you from lottery scams

Lottery Scams

Beware of lottery scams

There is one big threat to lottery players and lottery companies as well and it is not inflation but instead is the menace of lottery scams. Basically these are fake lotteries that are out to make money illegally and dupe people into non-existent financial contracts.

Lottery scams usually imitate major lottery games even including free online bingo games. It is of necessity therefore that every lottery player learns to spot scammers from a distance and keep away from them so as not to lose money. This article will focus on helping the lottery player unravel the mystery of how lottery scams work.

First of all, victims of these scams are usually notified of having won the lottery only to be asked to reveal some of their personal details or even to pay transfer fees for their prizes to be relayed to them. Furthermore, scammers keep changing the name of their lottery company as frequently as they get busted. They never stop because they got caught.

There are several highlights that should sound alarm bells in the mind of every player whenever they encounter what could be a lottery scam. If the game is not conducted by the government or by a company licensed by the government then it is likely to be a scam. Moreover, a lottery that is not on the list of legitimate lotteries is probably fake. Finally, you cannot win if you did not participate. Thus, consider notifications such as being the winner in free online bingo games that you did not take part in to be from scammers.

You may be disregarding the above info while arguing that if the lottery game is not authentic then where did they get your name and email address? The answer is simple; they access such details using viruses and spyware. They employ these tools in Internet sites where your name appears such as in chat rooms and social sites.

One thing to remember in such cases is that real lotteries do not look for you. On the other hand, if you find you have the winning numbers, you present yourself to the lottery company with proof that you are indeed the winner.

Sometimes lottery scammers use telephone calls to reach their potential victims. One way of identifying them is that the call would first of all be unsolicited and secondly the caller is more excited than you or weirdly behaves like a best friend yet you barely know them. Although these look like petty tips, they actually save people from falling into fake wins conjured from popular games such as free online bingo games.

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