Are You Persistent Enough to Be a Lottery Player?

Are You Persistent Enough to Be a Lottery Player?

Everyone can become a lottery player. All it takes is to buy a lottery ticket. However, not everyone can become a successful lottery player. When I started playing the lottery I thought this was going to be just another hobby which is going to become dull, dumb, boring and other attributes that apply to obsolete hobbies. It turns out, it was the right match for me. I’m persistent in what I do, at times people think I’m just being stubborn. I’m objective driven. The end results justify the means and how I get there.

So yeah, in the beginning, it was a rough patch for me, but look at me now! A full time lottery player, with high returns and I am not working 9 to 5. Do you have what it takes to become a lottery player like me? Are you persistent enough? Can you persevere through the pressure? Let’s find out!

People Wrongfully Consider You As a Stubborn Person

This is exactly how I used to be. People would usually wrongfully think of me as a stubborn person. In fact, I was just being persistent. I wanted to finish what I do, to accomplish my objective, even after several failed attempts. However, in the eyes of my friends and family members I was just another stubborn person. At moments like this, they would forget that I never argue, I only have a serious conversation. That’s why I think, I objectively think that they’re perceiving wrongfully as a stubborn person.  I was a bad lottery player, but my so called “stubbornness” turned me into a magnificent Rockstar lottery player. Apparently, being stubborn can sometimes lead to great things.

Note, try not to go too hard with the whole stubbornness also known as persistency idea. You should know when to stop  and take a good look around  what’s going on.

Long-term Objective Oriented Vs. Shortermism

When I was in college one of the lessons involved strategic planning, forecasting, statistics, etc. I remember this page quite vividly, as if I saw it yesterday. People who are obsessed with short-term satisfaction, i.e. objectives which can be accomplished in the short run, are under big pressure and the final prize is rarely decent. If you are one of those people who’d rather wait for that big time prize, instead of settling with a consolation prize on a regular basis, then you can become a great lottery player.


Because you can’t win every single draw. People who are short term oriented lack motivation, they simply burn out when they don’t get rewarded. On the other hand, people who are farsighted are the ideal, the best type of people who can flourish in the world of lottery.

Lottery Takes Time, Patience, Effort and a Bit of Luck

This seems like a rather long list. To be honest, I don’t have only one of these and that’s luck. I don’t why, but I think that my success so far is not based on luck. I have time, patience and I put in a great deal of effort. It seems like Luck has turned its back to me. But do people say, when life gives you lemons, squeeze the hell out of them and make a lemonade.

If you have at least 3 of these, with a bit of dedication you can become a great lottery player. You’ll need time in the early stages. As you progress, you’ll need less time to become a full time lottery player. Even without any success, you should keep pushing. This is when the patience part kicks in. Patience is truly a virtue, but so is punctuality. Well, with the lottery, nothing is for certain.

Slowly, you’ll start to put in more effort since now you know what works and what doesn’t. Lastly, luck can be a big game changer. If you’re one of those people I envy, the lucky ones, you’ll become a very successful lottery player in no time. However, luck without the previous three I mentioned won’t do the trick. Consider luck this way, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Be prepared my friend!

The Strongest Steel Goes Through the Hottest Fire

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. I’m 100% positive you know somebody who’s had a rough childhood. If they’ve persevered without being changed by the problems they’ve had, nothing can stop them. Nothing can come in their way. Well, I can’t wish for anyone to have a rough childhood, but you should really look up to them. These people are like water. Calm, yet strong. If you want to become a lottery player, buying  ticket won’t do it, you should be much more than just a person who bought a lottery ticket.

I was one of those people who have had a pretty rough period during college. It’s why I became persistent, or stubborn, call it whatever you like.

Persistency Is  a Must – Quitters Are the Only Losers

And quitters never win. It’s as simple as that. You have to go the distance you want to win the lottery. Being a lottery player is awesome, but actually winning is way better. As a lottery player your objective is to become the best, the best lottery player scoops the 1st prize. That life changing experience you’ve been dreaming about is around the corner. How many corners are there? It’s up to you to explore. It’s a journey that ends with a prize.

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