Are You a Lottery Player or a Lottery Winner?

Are You a Lottery Player or a Lottery Winner?

Most things in life are down to your frame of mind, the way you look at things, and the way you impose a positive or negative outlook onto whatever is happening in your life. If you dream of something, you might think that’s all it’s ever going to be, a dream; however, if you actively do something about that dream, you are doing everything you can to make it a possible reality, which of course ups your chances of that dream coming true.

If you’re a positive person then you think that good things will happen, and if you’re a negative person then you automatically think the worst. Correct?

There’s a saying that if you believe good things will happen then you attract abundance, and in the case of the lottery, many people take on that mindset in the hope that they will attract some of that good look.

Where Do You Stand on This?

Do you believe that if you think in a positive way, then you’re more likely to gain positive actions? Or are you a negative Nelly, thinking that nothing good could come of something with odds so great?

Basically, if you do nothing about it, then you’re not going to win, but if you do something about it, well, you just might.

This Is the Question I Ask – Are You a Lottery Winner, or Are You Simply a Lottery Player?

The difference is this – if you’re a lottery player, you just put the lottery on once a week and then you forget about it, remembering to check your numbers on the following morning, simply because it passed through your mind. Basically, you don’t think you’re going to win, and because of that you’re simply playing the game, but not really believing in it.

Now, on the other hand, a lottery winner is someone who may not have won yet, but believes without a doubt that they will one day. This is a positive person, someone who is more likely to attract abundance into their lives, which may just come in the form of a jackpot win. Of course, you have the actual lottery winners too, the ones who did win something, no matter how big, and come on, you only have to win a few dollars to strictly speaking earn the title of a lottery winner!

Basically, someone has to win, and if you keep that mind-set with you, then it really could be you.

So, How Can You Change Your Way of Thinking to Alter Your Standing From a Lottery Player to a Lottery Winner?

It’s all down to positivity.

You have to place importance on putting the lottery on, and not forgetting it because you had too much on your plate that day. You have to make the lottery a priority in your life, and believe without a shadow of a doubt that the person to win could be you. Maybe it never will be, but if you believe it, then you could be attracting good vibrations and abundance towards your household.

If you have a negative outlook on the lottery then you’re less likely to place importance on making sure you enter the lottery that week, and if you forget to put your ticket on, because you don’t deem it as important, how are you ever going to be a lottery winner?

There is also the flipside of the coin in this matter, in that people who wholeheartedly believe they are a lottery winner, or a future lottery winner, can become so overconfident that it just gets, well, a bit annoying really. Don’t let this be you, find the fine line between overconfidence and believing the lottery owes you a favor, and playing with a confident and positive attitude.

Negativity will get you nowhere in life, and it certainly won’t make you a lottery winner if you don’t see the point in even buying a ticket.

Think positive, place your numbers on as often as you see fit, within moderation of course, and if you want to play seriously, consider syndicates and techniques to up your chances and odds of winning big in the future.

This is what makes a lottery winner, future or present – a positive, single-minded attitude, believing that it really could happen to you.

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