Are Online Lottery Winners Fake or Real?

Are Online Lottery Winners Fake or Real?

If you repeat the lie, it eventually becomes the truth. People start believing it. Online lottery has been around for almost two decades, and it’s in full flight. Players from all around the world are enjoying it, but there’s a good part of the general lottery player base that’s still suspicious of it.

One of the myths that’s been around since the introduction of the online lottery is directly related to the reliability and the fairness of online lotteries. Now, I  totally understand these players, because, after all, it’s their money and they have every right to know the details.

There Aren’t Stupid Questions, Only Stupid Answers

A wise man said, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers. Many of you who have been playing the online lottery for years, will find this question funny, even stupid. However, I’ve stated on many occasions, question, people! Question everything. Eventually you will get to the truth. New lottery players become part of our ever growing community. Imagine what would happen if they generalize all online lotteries and put them in one basket.

It’s inevitable that they’ll move away from it, just because there still are posts of this kind, that question the fairness of online lotteries and some individuals have the audacity to confirm it. Hey! Even I once questioned the viability of the online lottery as a product. In the end, I learned a great deal about the security and fairness systems that safeguard the player’s interest.

Many Players Find It Difficult to Put a Finger On This

In spite of the legit operator’s efforts to finally break out of the chains of these myths about the online lottery being a shady, suspicious business, many players are still reluctant to give it a shot. One of my friends also can’t put a finger on this. I think I came up with the best explanation.

The key reason why players are suspicious of the online lottery is that they can’t physically touch the ticket. For example, you don’t actually know for sure the online lottery is safe to play and that you will receive any prizes until you actually win. By the time that happens, you’ve already invested a hefty amount of money.

So, I made the comparison, it’s like buying something online, any product. However, you receive the product, delivered to your address. It’s physically there. Yet, you’ve first checked the reviews about the seller, the product, etc. We all know how much have online businesses invested in reassuring their customers they will be serviced appropriately.

I hope you find this useful, at least when you’re going to explain to your friends how online lottery works.

Online Lottery Winners are Real, But Not All of Them

Yes! They’re real. Nevertheless, I can’t say this about all of them. Advertising you’re paying out the prizes, that the lottery winners are real, is the best selling point an online lottery operator has. In my opinion, this is not enough. At least, I wouldn’t start playing a given lottery solely because the operator advertises there are real online lottery winners.

Unless the lottery is licensed, regulated, these lists of online lottery winners have no integrity. How can I know these winners aren’t fake? How in the world can I hope to ever get my winnings paid out, unless there’s some entity watching over the operator?

Even I don’t believe that online lottery winners are real, at least some of them. I’ve learned that the reviews are my best friends. The best indicator an online lottery is worthwhile pursuing is the number of winners it has. Moreover, it’s essential these winners are actually real. Next time, when you read a testimonial, regardless of the nature of the business, look for credible sources that this is true indeed.

I can’t say for sure that the online lottery winner you’re suspicious of is real until I double and triple check.

Scam Lotteries Advertise Winners, But They Are Fake in Any Way

This is also true. As I said earlier, it’s the best way to attract new players. You say you’ve paid out millions in prizes, you’ve displayed the initials of the winners along their location, you say you’re reliable and trustworthy, but this is fake information. However, many online lottery players still fall for this. They are allured by some gigantic welcome bonus or whatnot. Sure, even I’d consider trying out a new lottery if there’s a great promotion underway, but I will still check reviews, first hand experiences and I would even contact the operator to ask what the license number is, so I can check with the authority that has granted this certificate.

When somebody tells you that online lottery winners are fake, you should reply to them, yes, but not all of them. This will eventually start a discussion. The knowledge you have will definitely turn the pessimist into an online lottery player that’s aware of the threats, the lies, but also of the myths, like all online lottery winners are fake.

Playing a Legit Online Lottery Can Make You a Real Online Lottery Winner

Read carefully. Playing a LEGIT online lottery can make a real lottery winner, a millionaire if you’re in a lottery with a million dollar jackpot. I could talk about this for hours, but it wouldn’t change a damn thing unless people listen. No two lotteries are the same, ergo, you can’t say that all online lottery winners are real.

According to common sense, most of the online lottery winners are real, because scam lotteries are removed, blocked as soon as they’re exposed. Moreover, once the operator is exposed, somebody has to serve jail time. The law’s got to do, what the law’s got to do.

Tread lightly. You don’t want to become the person that spams on forums that got scammed. Although I consider this a noble deed, because you’re trying to prevent this from happening to other fellow lottery players.

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