Amazing stories of French lotto winners

French Lotto Winners

French lotto winners and their stories

Catching a break and being lucky enough to be declared a lottery winner is simply a dream come true. Now, when that happens twice, you wonder why the stars are lining up for you. Becoming a winner twice is not the everyday ordinary occurrence.

Lottery players hope to win really big at least once in their lives. Sometimes, others win severally and that is good for them. This article will narrate about how a French lottery player participated in online lotteries and in a pleasant turn of events, managed to become a winner twice.

In Montpellier, a city in southern France, a lottery player won the country’s national lottery twice. This second win in August 2011 made him realize that lady luck had really visited him. Several years back in 1996, he had managed to win a whooping 18.9 million francs which is an equivalent of today’s € 2.8 million. That win seemed to have taken him a notch higher but when he recently pocketed €3 million, he could not believe it.

The interesting bit about his win is that this aging man had been playing exactly the same numbers ever since the lottery came into existence in 1976. He had chosen the numbers randomly then wrote them down to be used whenever he participated in online lotteries.

His is an absolutely fantastic story because according to the organizers’ of France’s national lottery, the odds of a player winning twice using the exact six numbers are one in 363 billion. Of having a continuous streak of luck flowing his way, the man, who chose to remain anonymous still plans to play more and win for the third time!

He admits that in 1996, when he was declared winner, he got too many requests for money from people who knew him. This time around, he opted for a quieter life after becoming a two time winner. His efforts paid off because to say he won out of the blue would be a lie.

Actually, the lucky man had spent over €1000 in buying tickets. Well, it paid off a hundred fold and even motivated him to keep on playing regardless of walking away with a jackpot. He says he is addicted to the game but who possibly wouldn’t when every once in a while you get to be declared winner? He becomes a source of inspiration for those players who are continuously playing online lotto games.

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