Acts of charity made by lottery winners

Generous ways of spending lottery jackpots by lottery winners

Lottery winners could change the life of others

Ask any lottery player about what he or she would do if lady luck would smile down on them and the answers will vary a lot. One of the few things that these answers have in common is that a part of the prize is intended to fund good causes and most players are contemplating the possibility of making donations. The difference between players and winners is that not all of the latter are just as generous after they find themselves in possession of a major prize. Those who do are worth remembering and so are their good deeds, because they change the lives of those in need.

Big time lottery winners and their kindness

When Colin and Chris Weir won the largest jackpot in the Euromillions’ history everyone was wondering what expensive properties will they acquire and what exotic trips they will embark on. While the lucky couple did some of the aforesaid things, they didn’t forget to share a part of their wealth with those less fortunate. Among their acts of kindness, people mostly remember the donation made to a promising Scottish tennis player and the prosthetic limb they bought for a young teenager.

In addition to these, they also support various local and international foundations and give to charity every year because they feel like they owe it to those in need. A quarter of century ago. Sheelah Ryan won $55 million and just like the Weir couple she wasn’t selfish but set up a charitable foundation. She passed away only 6 years later, but while she didn’t get the chance to fully enjoy the jackpot, thousands of people benefited from her selflessness and the Ryan Foundation is still active.

Small amounts can make a difference too

While $11.2 million is by no stretch of the imagination a small amount, it is essential to remember the generosity of a Canadian couple who spent most of the money on charitable actions. They divided the money among dozens of charitable organizations and kept very little for themselves because they thought that the only way of truly enjoying the win is by helping others. An anonymous donor from Baltimore chose to donate his $30,000 scratch card to a church by leaving the ticket in the collection plate.

A very similar decision was taken by Jim Dancy who won a $10,000 prize in 2009 and had no intention of spending it to improve the quality of his life. While others would have probably spent it for entertainment purposes, mister Dancy donated the entire amount to the Kalamazoo United Way. It is not the amount but the fact that he chose to offer it all to the struggling community that makes his act truly impressive and hopefully inspiration for other lottery players.

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