A guide to evading lotto scams

Lotto scams

A few tips about how to recognize the lotto scams

Tears of joy stream down when one gets an email indicating that you have won a 1 million prize from the lottery jackpot. Many people have encountered such a scenario wishing that this would be so. Less than 10 months ago I was in this situation only to realize it is a scum. The mail end up disappointing most individuals because these mails are not sent from genuine lottery syndicates or organizations.

This makes the victims feel sorry for, because they might have planned how he/she will spend the money only to find out that the lottery emails were a scam. The scammers always tend to put the mail to conform   it to be genuine.

They send varying mails ranging from million dollars to million Euros. The victims find it hard to realize that the mails are illegitimate. Rewards to such lotto are always attractive, making it enticing. It is therefore easy to be tricked by the scammers.

The scammer uses the names of well-known and respectable reputable organization such as the “Mega Millions” or the “Powerball”. These are organization with a good reputation when it comes to lottery games. These are brilliant ideas that can make one become a victim of a scam. Such ideas tend to trigger pressure on the victim to follow up the money.

Consider the following to avoid the wrath of the scammers:

  • Are there street addresses provided in the mail? If there are, be curious about the e-mail, consider researching  about the given address. You will be surprised to realize that street address is bogus or does not even exist. And if they exist, they may not conform to the name of the organization they pretend to be serving.
  • Any phone numbers provided? When you come across any number provided in the email, you should not bother calling it. Calling it makes things worse for the victim because they tend to gain your confidence thus making it easy for them. Consider verifying the number with Google phone directory.
  • If any suspicion arises from the email sent to your Inbox, consider also searching on the web. Most of the scum that has been happening around the world have been highlighted. Take a thorough research on the web to find as much as possible about that company.
  • Most lottery games are concerned with the address of the winner, the lotto number and the name.  Dealing with a company that asks for bank details should be raise suspicions. When you come across such, you should just let it go.
  • Did ask for fees? Most lottery winners incurs expenses when the government taxes the jackpot. Do not be enticed to pay any fee as required by some emails until you find out their legitimacy.
  • Check on the grammar used. Most of these people have a limited grasp of the English language. Their wordings may contain a lot of grammatical errors. This is assigning of a scam.
  • One may also consider the on checking on the origin of the mail. The Genuine Lottery Company has their email addressed and other contact info on the web.

Check out How to avoid lottery scams and stay safe while playing lotto online as well.

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