A Grace to Grass tale of a lotto winner

Lotto winner

It sure sounds like the biggest form of irony for someone to win the lottery yet end up very poor several years down the line. Well, it is a fact that these things do happen and this is according to the UK lottery statistics.

It is common knowledge that when a person lands on very huge amounts of money, his life should take a turn for the better and this is obvious, because he can now meet his needs without a problem. This article will reflect on tales of people who win the lottery then life turns sour on them.

The story starts with one very lucky winner whose future seemed too bright to imagine when he won the lottery worth £ 9.7 million in the UK. This lucky winner turned out to be one Michael Carroll also known as the self-styled king of chavs. This has been one of the biggest jackpots ever to be won during his time as per the UK lottery statistics.

He was definitely spoilt for choice on what to do with such an amount. Perhaps we can blame it on the great variety of things he could use the money on which made him indecisive. The sad part is that he decided to use his money on drugs and gambling. He did not stop there but went further to waste it on prostitutes.

In no time, he had regressed back to a life of meager income and was quoted saying that the party had ended and he was now back to reality. The repercussions of this turn of events are that his wife left him and took their daughter with her. Clearly, without this win, chances that such negative things would have happened were pretty low.

Another interesting twist of events is seen in the case of some Greenwich asset managers who got to win a big jackpot of $245 million just the other day. The irony here is that instead of the win creating cordial ties between them, it caused them to fight. The co-workers lost their friendship out of a simple win. Interactions in the office became uncomfortable after that and some tension grew among the people.

From such simple stories, we realize that becoming a lotto winner is not a direct ticket to a life as well as a bed of roses. The UK lottery statistics have compiled more of such stories and this is evidence enough that winners should use their money wisely.

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