75 year old woman almost lost her £1 million jackpot win


Almost stolen jackpot

Winning lotto numbers can be very exciting especially if you are holding a ticket that has all the winning numbers. Millions of lotto players are never lucky enough to hit the Jackpot. So when your ticket numbers come up during a draw, you are definitely beating the odds.

One of the most important things to do when playing lotto is to understand how the game you are playing works. What are the rules and how the draw is conducted? This information will definitely help you when playing.

Recently a friend wanted to play lotto so we picked the Oz lottery and it was fun. The game is played mainly in Australia and means big lotteries. To take part in it you have to pick nine numbers in total between 1 and 45.

Seven numbers are the winning lotto numbers while the other two numbers are the supplementary numbers. When draws are conducted every Tuesday, you need to match all seven numbers in order to stand a chance of winning the Jackpot. The jackpot with Oz lottery varies from 2million to a cap at 50 million.

As a potential lotto winner you also need to know where to get the draw information. This is to avoid relying solely on your lottery ticket vendor as reported cases of vendors trying to con winners out of their winnings have increased. This is exactly what happened to seventy seven year old Maureen Holt who went to her usual corner shop to verify if her ticket had won any prize.

The shop attendant scanned her ticket and upon realizing that she had all seven winning numbers, he told her that she had not won anything. The attendant then proceeded to call a lottery hotline but his fraud was discovered as he gave false information as regards the purchase of the ticket.

Although Camelot worked very closely with the police to unearth the fraud, all lotto players should be more careful. The shop attendant went on the run but was arrested shortly after when the police recognized his car number plates. Maureen Holt and her 80 year old husband said that he could now stop working for a security company so that they can both enjoy their retirement.  They have definitely hit the Jackpot.

Lottery winners worldwide is encouraged to always protect themselves and their possible winnings. That is why playing the lotto online is encouraged. However, most lottery officials will ask for verification before awarding the prize to any ticket that has winning lotto numbers.

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