7 Must-Haves for a Kick-Ass Lottery Player

7 Must-Haves for a Kick-Ass Lottery Player Almost every trade in life has its little tricks which can help you surmount any challenges which come your way. Just as walk-through guides and cheat sheets are invaluable to video gamers, lottery too has its arsenal, which can significantly enhance your odds of winning. It is a fact, so many people play the lottery at any one given time and the money at stake is enormous. Therefore, any tool or software which can at the very least help you track your lucky numbers is much more than a magic wand. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned lottery player, you will appreciate the insight of lottery tools which can help you navigate the murky waters of the lottery. The caveat however is, these tools will not pick the winning combination for you; instead, they will help you in monitoring the numbers and seeing the pattern where it exists. Below is a discussion of these tools:

Jackpots Graph Lottery Widget

As a lottery player, your main goal is to find a lottery where the amount you bet stands the highest chances of bringing you the best possible returns. This can be overwhelming and confusing because there are lots of lotteries available some of which are low paying and as such a waste of your money. This is why you need the Jackpots Graph Lottery Widget in your arsenal. This graph helps you to research, predict and compare the biggest lottery jackpots. As a player, you have the option of sliding months below to begin your search from 2009 to date. Apart from the world’s most giant lottery plays such as Powerball, Mega Millions, California, New York, and Florida lotteries, this tool opens up a whole expanse of other lotteries you can play. Among its functionalities are the ability to predict up to 3 lotteries concurrently, the best bet and the amount of jackpot at stake.

Lucky Number Generator

Winning lottery is all about your choice of numbers. When you pick the right combination, you hit the jackpot else you will never win anything substantial. It is true people have won the lottery with the simple technique of holding on to the same numbers year after year. This is however not a safe strategy bearing in mind lottery numbers change from one instance to the next. The number combination that won the jackpot yesterday will not necessarily do so today. This is where the charm of a Lucky Number Generator comes into play. It helps you in choosing new numbers which have a higher chance of winning. The only thing you do is to enter information like your birthday, name, the game you are generating numbers for and the drawing date. After that, the tool whips up a set of new and lucky numbers.

Hot and Cold Numbers Widget

If you have been careful enough to watch the numbers during the lottery, some come up more compared to others. While no research has been done to explain the pattern these numbers follow, lottery tools have been created to help track the cold and hot numbers; one of them being the Hot and Cold Numbers Widget. For you to use this widget, you must first select the specific lottery you want to analyze. Below the graph, you will see a sliding bar which allows you to choose the range of numbers to monitor. The widget will then show you the times in the history of the lottery your chosen numbers have been drawn. The hot numbers are colored red while the cold numbers are blue.

Lottery RemindMe App

When playing more than one lottery, it can be quite a task to keep up with your preferred lottery jackpot. This app is instrumental to any lottery player because it sends you reminder notifications of the topmost jackpots. It is currently available for free on iTunes!

Quick Search Tool

This tool provides one of the fastest ways to go through past lottery results and pick new lucky numbers. It shows you the frequency each number has been drawn in a particular lottery. In addition, it also shows you the most frequent, two or three number combinations. By giving you access to insightful data, such as the most popular searches and the last time a certain number came up in a particular lottery, you will be much more informed when playing.

Frequency Charts

As the name suggests, frequency charts show the frequency with which certain numbers are either drawn or not drawn. On the left-hand corner of the interface, you can choose from a pull-down menu the game you want to track. You will enjoy a wide variety of games such as EuroMillions, Mega Millions and Powerball. This tool has been classified as the magic wand of every lottery player.

Lottery Quick Pick

This is a form designed by random.org which helps you in picking lottery tickets quickly. The reason why this tool is better compared to the pseudo-random number algorithms used in computer programs is the fact that it uses the randomness of the atmospheric noise. Lots of lotteries are listed here, but if perchance your lottery is not, all you need to do is to pick any country and then choose Other Lottery. After that fill in all other details. Having the right set of tools in your ‘Lottery bag’ can, therefore, increase your probability of hitting the jackpot in whichever lottery you play. Since the lottery is a game of chance, luck can be influenced by the right combination of software such as those discussed above.

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