6 Amazing Lottery Winner Stories That Will Inspire You

6 Amazing Lottery Winner Stories That Will Inspire You

Today, it’s more common to see a greedy person, that a kind one that’s prepared to do good, change the world for the better. Lottery winners are popular for their philanthropy. There are many inspiring lottery winner stories that make me feel good for being a lottery player myself. I still haven’t won millions, but I’m getting there.

These people amaze me, with their kindness, generosity, some of them with their intelligence, but all of them have my attention because they didn’t forget who they were before they won the jackpots. Here is my top 6 lottery winner stories that are the positive I need!

Ihsanullah Khan – A Pakistani Taxi Driver Turned District Mayor and Philanthropist

As the title suggests, Ihsan was a hard working taxi driver

in Washington and an avid lottery player. The icing on the top was his lottery win in 2001, but he became famous to the general lottery public in 2005.

Ihsan won $55,000,000 in the Washington Lottery. He collected his winnings and he moved back to Pakistan, where he started his political career. There was something special about him. He won the election, becoming the district mayor. It was when a strong earthquake struck Kashmir, Pakistan. This catastrophe took the lives of more than 70,000 people. Khan quickly brought in medical personnel, food and medicine for the survivors, victims of the earthquake. He did everything he could to help the locals.

Heroes are identified when they’re most needed. This was Ihsan’s moment. From a taxi driver, to a millionaire and a local hero, that’s become a role model.

Learn a Thing or Two from Brad Duke – Lottery Winner’s Guide

Now, Brad Duke didn’t inspire me because of some mind-boggling act of kindness. However, he caught my attention with his approach, after he claimed the prize. He won $370,000,000 and he spent it wisely. Brad made several smart investments that carried low risk. Nonetheless, he didn’t forget about his friends and family, giving them an annual gift of $12,000 precisely.

Furthermore, he helped people who needed help the most. He despised people who were just greedy. Instead, he wanted to create opportunities for people. And Brad, he got himself a high end road bike and a high end mountain bike. Being a cyclist myself, I totally understand this decision.

The best part is, Brad kept this great news a secret for a long time. He wanted to make his decision with a cool head. Well, I warned you that this wasn’t one of those winner lottery stories who gave it all away.

Roy Cockrum Gave the Bigger Share of the Pie to Charity

However, Roy Cockrum did, well, most of it. Mr. Cockrum from Tennessee won $259,000,000. As Roy says, he kept a small portion of the money for him and his wife. He was a senior and he didn’t know what to do with all that money. You guessed it, he gave the rest away, mostly to charity organizations, religious groups and people who needed the money more than Roy and his wife did.

Personally, I wouldn’t do such a thing, not a million years. Not that I’m selfish, but I’ve waited for this moment for years! I finally won the lottery, so I can give all the money away?

Therefore, Roy didn’t inspire as much as he stunned me. However, he’s not the only one who decided that giving it all away is good for him. I can’t judge him, because I’m not a senior, nor have I won the $260m.

Tom Crist – Donated His Winnings in Honor of his Wife

Here’s one that definitely falls in inspiring winner lottery stories. Meet Tom Crist, a winner of $40m. One might think that this is everything a person needs to be happy for the rest of his/her life. He was on a vacation when he found out that he’s the winner of the jackpot. As soon as he found out he went on a shopping spree, nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Well, a few years before he won the lottery, his wife died of cancer. Tom still missed his dear wife and he didn’t feel comfortable enjoying life as one lottery winner should. So he decided to give it all away to charity. The thing that melted my heart was the fact that his children do not dispute this decision, instead, they supported Tom all the way. He made sure that everybody knows these donations were in honor of his wife. I guess some people love once in their life.

It’s Not About the Amount – A Sincere Act of Kindness

So far we had a look at lottery winner stories where the winner gave away millions to charity or other forms of philanthropy. This is not a story about 7, 8 or 9 digits. I’m talking about $10,000 only. Jim Dancy from Richland won $10,000 in the Michigan Lottery. However, as some of the already mentioned lottery winners here, he felt he didn’t NEED the money. Jim thought that this money could do better to someone who actually needs it. Without a day of hesitation, Jim donated the $10,000 prize to the Greater Kalamazoo United Way.

Mr. Dancy was inspired by one of his friends called Julie. She taught him to think of others and to help when he could.

Hilda Floyd Had a Mission – Make a Difference!

Hilda, a lottery player from Idaho made a point. Her statements “You can have only so much money” and “Make a difference in somebody’s life” really make me think about where the world has turned into. An old lady can teach politicians, greedy CEO and bankers who don’t know when to stop.

“Make a difference in somebody’s life”, it sounds powerful. She talked the talk, and she walked the walk. She held 10% of the total $1,000,000 prize for herself, and she went on a mission with the rest of the prize to make a difference, to change somebody’s life!