5 Ways to Keep Your Dream of Winning the Lottery Alive

How to keep your dream of winning the lottery alive

If you Can’t Do Either Of These You’d Better Quit Playing. NOW!

If you’ve not yet won the lottery, I’m sure you’re dying to win because a huge jackpot is a sure-fire way to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. But as you know, the Lady Luck’s ways with things, you can never expect her to pass by and bless you when you want her to! She does what she feels best and well as humans, we just have to wait and watch… patience my boy, patience. But how much patience? The more the better, I say. Nevertheless, there’s a saying that goes like this, “every dog has its day,” you know this right? What does this tell you? No, not that we’re dogs, but that we all have our lucky day(s) and it’s just a matter of time before we hit that day and get lucky, like very, very lucky! Then again, it all boils down to patience. So here are 5 sure ways to keep the dream of winning the lottery alive!

Tip #1 – Keep Playing the Lottery

Keep playing the lottery because the more you play the closer you get to your aims and goals of winning the jackpot! A lot of people play the lottery and after a few years when they stop, someone else picks the same numbers they were once using and guess what. They win. So don’t let this be your case! Now you might think that the more you play, the more you lose, but that’s not the case with the lottery because there are many people who played for over 10 years without winning and then one fine day they won millions and millions of dollars in reward for their loyalty to the game. I’m sure you’ve read such stories so why bargain on your luck?

Tip #2 – Read Success Stories

Sometimes it helps if you read some success stories to give you the confidence and inspiration that will in turn fuel your motivation to keep your dream of winning the lottery alive! Let’s take an example that you have a big interview tomorrow, but you’re not sure whether you’re in or out. You’re fully prepared; you know all the answers, but you’re not sure what questions will be asked. Now you search on Google and you read some success stories about how people passed the interview with just some basic questions, how does that make you feel? The same thing applies for lotteries – the more success stories you read, the better you will feel!

Tip #3 – Don’t Listen to People!

Maybe your grandfather, mother, father, sister, wife or children told you not to play the lottery because you’ll never win. Don’t listen to them. It’s ironic that when you win the lottery, they guys will be saying, “So glad you kept playing!” ha-ha! So trust your instincts and keep playing and someday you will bring home enough to keep everyone quiet!

Tip #4 – Be Friends with Fellow Lottery Players

This goes without saying that befriending avid lottery players is a smart way to keep your dream of winning the lottery alive! Sometimes when you feel that you want to give up, your lottery friends will help you tag along and play more so that you don’t miss out the opportunity to get blessed by the esteemed Lady Luck!

Tip #5 – Be Kind to Yourself

You might be like, “wait, what?” remember every site tells you to play responsibly, thus you have to be kind to yourself. If you don’t win today, don’t curse yourself or your fate. It’s not your fault. You can’t get a school leaving certificate when you join a school can you? Everything has it’s time and you just have to wait for your time so take it easy!

Words of Wisdom

Listen, I know it’s frustrating. I know it gets to you. I know you’re tired of playing the lottery without any results, but do you know that when you see results, it’s going to be big? You’ll probably be reimbursed a million times for showing loyalty to the Lady Luck’s probably favorite game of chance! The saying ‘never give up’ took shape only after seeing that loyalty was rewarded! Hang on tight because you will soon be the next big millionaire!

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