5 Things You Should Do Daily to Feel Lucky All Day Long

5 Things You Should Do Daily to Feel Lucky

Now Nothing Can Stop You from Feeling Lucky!

Okay, that question just popped up in my head, “what does it mean to feel lucky?” feeling lucky means different things for different people and honestly speaking, there’s no one answer that correctly defines what it means to feel lucky. You could be rich, but you don’t have the love of your life, you don’t feel lucky. You could have the love of your life, but you don’t have enough money to show him / her how you feel, you don’t feel lucky. You have the love of your life and you have the money, but you’re too old, you wish you had youthfulness, you don’t feel lucky. So you see how feeling lucky can mean different things to different people? But wait, what’s the purpose of this article if I don’t tell you how to feel lucky? Presenting the 5 things you should do to feel lucky all day long!

Feel Lucky Rule #1 – Get Up On The Right Side Of The Bed!

How can you change the way you get up in the morning? Well, it’s easy, really. Get up before everyone else gets up so you don’t have to see the face of your rival the moment you get up! I’ve heard a lot of people who say, “The moment I got up, I saw his / her face and since then my whole day has been ruined!” don’t tell me you haven’t heard this classic excuse! So lesson learned, get up before others do so that you ready to see that unlucky face! Also, people who wake up early morning naturally feel lucky because of the scientific reasons behind waking up early and its connection to being healthy… you know something like that.

Feel Lucky Rule #2 – Don’t Forget a Hot Cup of Coffee with a Spoonful of Smiles

There’s no reason to be grumpy when you wake up in the morning! Have you ever tried smiling in the morning? If you haven’t, try doing so and while you’re smiling say to yourself that you’re going to have the best day of your life! Okay, you think I’m getting carried away, but trust me it works. And as soon as you’re done with your stuff, don’t forget your morning cup of a hot beverage. It can be anything really, from yesterday’s coke (if that makes you happy!), tea or coffee – whatever stats you up! I’ve come across a lot of grumpy people who look terrible because they didn’t get to cherish their morning beverage! Who knew, right?

Feel Lucky Rule #3 – Don’t Pick A Fight With Your Partner!

You’re definitely not going to feel lucky if you pick a fight early morning about who left your socks or underwear in the microwave, trust me. Keep it cool and keep your calm and be polite even if half your senses are still asleep. Takes practice, but you’ll get better and when you stop your early morning quarrels you’ll see how lucky you feel all day. Haven’t you seen men in the streets, walking like they’ve just been robbed of their body organs? Yes, they look so pissed and you wonder why they don’t even smile. Or you see women walking around looking like they’re just about to fire their boss… these are all consequences of an unhappy morning, which my friend, will not make you feel lucky.

Feel Lucky Rule #4 – Be Prepared For Anything And Everything!

Okay, you might think that I’m giving you a sermon, but really I’m not. Just think about it like this – your boss wants you to take the day off, but he hasn’t told you yet and when you reach work, you see a note on your desk that says, “Take the day off, you deserved it!” What would your first thought be? You’d definitely cry tears of joy, but then a voice in your head would be like, “I had to come all this way just to know that I have a day off? Couldn’t he just calls me so I wouldn’t have taken the trouble?” The tears of joy soon become over-confidence, which in turn kills your ability to feel lucky. Now imagine another situation – it’s Saturday and your boss wants you at work – that’s definitely not lucky, but you get the point, be prepared for anything so the outcome would have a less impact on your happy mood, which triggers the “I feel lucky” hormone.

Feel Lucky Rule #5 – Don’t Drink And Drive!

Yep, the title says it all!

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