5 Easy Ways to Find Your Dream Lottery

5 Easy Ways to Find Your Dream Lottery

Fortunately, there are diverse lotteries, with different rules and different prizes. Some of them come with draws on a weekly basis, whereas others have two draws per and some of them are available on a daily basis. Instant lotteries are also available for people who don’t want to wait for the draw to take place. If you haven’t found your dream lottery yet, today I’m going to show you how to do just that. Today’s examples can be a little odd to some people, but I’m doing this solely for the purpose to get what I’m trying to say closer to you.

I don’t want to waste any more of your time than I should, so let’s see how you can find your dream lottery.

Quantity Breeds Quality – Explore, Experiment and Extrapolate

In order to bring the best decision possible, you must have a decent portfolio of lotteries that you’ve played so far. This way you guarantee that you haven’t missed a single lottery type. The best results and the most accurate ones are those which come from a large number of specimens. How do you do this? Well, you go and try new lotteries on a regular basis. Even if you like playing the lottery, you must go and experiment with a different one. Why? Because later down the road, you might start getting cold feet about the one you’re currently playing. And this shouldn’t happen if you think you’ve found your dream lottery.

My recommendation is, go out there and buy a lottery ticket for every lottery you can get your hands on. The best comparison will be like when an elderly person tells an adolescent, “Go out there, young one. You’re young! Explore! Do new and different things so you won’t be sorry later on.”

Ask a Friend Who’s into Lottery – 2nd Opinion

The human mind is programmed to always look for more, to be greedy. In a way, it’s part of our basic animal instinct. However, we live in an age of abundance. You don’t have to be greedy to survive and pile on food, water or lottery tickets. If you over exaggerate with the experimenting and the exploring, chances are your dream lottery might be long gone, or the jackpot maybe. The rules might change and so the lottery of your dreams will be gone.

That’s why it’s best to ask a friend who’s already into the lottery. The longer he/she has played the lottery, the more accurate the answer will be. You see, us humans, we need someone to objectively speak for us when we’re not in a position to speak from an objective standpoint. It’s good to have a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Listen to Your Heart, NOT! – Do the Opposite

You know those times when you listen to your heart, not to your head, and good things happen? Neither do I. My past experience prevents me from doing wild things. To be honest, I’m not the wild animal I used to be. Even when it feels right playing a given lottery, it still might not be right. Just because it feels right, it doesn’t mean it is right. Numbers never lie, they always tell the on occasions ugly truth. You may not believe what the bank clerk is telling you, that you owe additional $10,000 because you’re late with your payments, but the numbers don’t like. Once you see the bank statement and the calculations, you know it’s true. Sometimes, I’m afraid of numbers. Maybe, that’s why I enjoy the lottery so much.

To get back to the point, people lie, numbers don’t. The best way to know if one lottery is good for you, check the numbers. Analyze your past performance if you’ve played it by now. If you did good, it’s worth a shot putting your trust in it. Otherwise, run my friend. Run like the devil from holy water. Run before you’ve invested more of your time and money.

If You Feel Lost, Take a Break from the Lottery

If you’re looking for your dream lottery in an active matter, in other words, you’re putting an extra effort to decide if this is the right lottery for you, it can be rather demanding. Taking a break from time to time is absolutely healthy. The break will allow you to let go of negative, bad thoughts, you will be cleansed of the dirt that’s been interfering with your results. It’s like taking a break after a bad relationship. You can date, you can play the lottery, but just because you do that it doesn’t mean that you will feel good about it.

Now you might say, “didn’t you tell us to never miss a draw?” I did, but this is one of a kind situation. This and if you run out of funds in your lottery budget are the only exceptions.

Some People Are Made to Have 2 or More Dream Lotteries

The bottom line is, there are people who always want more, no matter how hard they try to settle down and to play one lottery. It’s a harsh reality, but unlike your S/O, your dream lottery won’t mind if you cheat on her with another of your “dream lotteries”. Yes, it’s perfectly natural to enjoy playing two lotteries and to have good performance with both of them. Some people will advocate for sticking to one lottery only. However, from the experience some of my friends have had, I know for a fact that it’s manageable. Then again, it costs twice as much, takes twice as much time, twice as much resources and twice as much of your attention. Can you do it? Do you have what it takes to play two dream lotteries?