4 Tips to Boost Your Lottery’s Knowledge Bases

4 Tips to Boost Your Lottery's Knowledge Bases

So far you’ve probably settled with the thought that winning the lottery takes much more than just common luck. You’ve realized that over time you adapt to the game’s rules, coming up with new ways to overcome nature’s law of randomness and hopefully, one day win the much desired lottery jackpot.

Besides time, skill, experience and a decent budget that will be appropriate to your play style, you must have an in-depth knowledge. Your knowledge bases of the lottery are the stepping stone. All of the aforementioned factors depend on what you actually know about the lottery. You never know if any out the box approach can turn you into a lottery winner and a millionaire. That’s why it’s always best to always stay one or even multiple steps ahead. So, how can you boost your lottery knowledge bases?

Before I go any further into the details, let me tell you something. This is not going to change anything overnight. In fact, it will take months, in some cases even years to fully experience the changes.

Trial and Error – First Hand Experience Changes Everything

People from a very young age start to explore the world and learn how stuff works by trial and error. It’s so simple. Remember how little kids put sand in their mouth, or they start hating lemons after they try it once? Well, the kids that ate sand were probably missing calcium and zinc, but once they feel bad because of the sand, they won’t eat it any more, they won’t put it anywhere near their mouths. The lemons example is much clearer. The baby realizes that it tastes funny, so it doesn’t want it in its mouth anymore.

So how can I put this into a lottery perspective? Well, for starters, do you know of any lottery player that just hates a given lottery or a whole type of lotteries? There must be someone! Why does that player repel it? Trial and error eventually taught him/her that particular lottery or type of lottery does not fit his/her play style.

What you should do?

I’m not saying you should hop aboard the “try a new lottery each week to train”, but you can treat yourself with an extra lottery ticket every now and then. Check out if the grass is greener elsewhere. You have no idea how much your opinion about the lottery will change. It’s human nature to want more, to know more. I don’t experiment a lot with other lotteries, instead I try different approaches with the one I’m currently into.

Compare Other Games, Activities with the Lottery

This probably fits into one of my latter points, but I decided to point out and talk about it in-depth. You see, the lottery is based on the law of nature and arguably the law of attraction as well. I want you to focus on the first one, the law of nature. Nature does work in mysterious ways. The lottery is no different than any other game that involves randomness. However, we’re humans and we can see beyond this randomness. It’s called risk management.

By minimizing the risk, you can increase your chances of winning. So, where you can learn this? Your approach to playing the lottery will shift significantly once you boost your knowledge of how other things work. The only, inevitable result is you will have your lottery knowledge bases sky rocket.

It takes a lot of previous knowledge to spot patterns and similarities as well. So go out! Explore, philosophy is an ancient art. Well, I call it art.

Out of the Box Knowledge Leads to Out of the Box Results

Boy, oh boy! My favorite!

This is how I first started playing the lottery. I was young, bored of the same old same old, and I decided to spice my daily routine. The stubborn idiot I am, I decided to prove my friend that I can win the lottery. And here I am, more than a decade later still playing the lottery.

So what does this have to do with boosting your lottery knowledge?

Be bold! Don’t be afraid to take a risk. You know for sure where the road starts, but you don’t know where it will take you. It’s pretty much the same with the lottery. Every road you take, will become a source of new knowledge. It’s why people like to travel. They learn new things. It’s like a crash course in history for a given country, a crash course in geography.

Why not join a lottery club? Or network with other lottery players? There are countless of examples where you can seek for a boost in lottery knowledge. But, you will need to actively think about the lottery. However, do not forget to act! Plans without actions are just that, plans. Nobody won the lottery just by planning.

Put Your Current Lottery Knowledge to the Test

You are doing this with every lottery ticket you buy. That’s the ultimate test, but it can be costly if you take it to the next level with high volumes of lottery tickets.

Now let me tell you a little secret. There are simulators that can give you the edge to test what works and what doesn’t. In practice, it’s a basic computer algorithm, an RNG. Just input how many numbers you can choose, and voila! You have an instant RNG. It’s something like a lottery simulator.

Another way to test your current knowledge, boosting it further is by simply voicing it to a fellow lottery player. Be prepared for open criticizing. Pure, plain honesty. This is the fastest, the best and in my opinion the easiest way to boost your lottery knowledge. The longer the player has been playing the lottery, the more you can learn from him/her. Let the more experienced, knowledgeable players be your teachers.