4 Reasons No Money Is No Barrier to Dreaming Big

4 Reasons No Money Is No Barrier to Dreaming Big

Money has always been a prime motivator for people from all around the world, of all races, all nationalities, virtually every type of person you can think of. Some people find happiness in money, or in other words, in what money can buy. On the other hand, money has been a barrier to dream big for a lot of people.  I tend to disagree with these people. If you ask two individuals, one who earned their wealth and another one who has inherited the fortune, they’ll tell you a different story. The one who earned the wealth will tell you to dream big and always attempt to achieve what your heart tells you to.

The one who inherited tends to be full of limitations, boundaries and negative attitude. This is right in 90% of the cases. That said, follow the advice of hard working person who played it smart and became what nobody ever expected. Some of the people who are living this story are Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, the owner of AliBaba Jack Ma, even the famous Steve Jobs was one of them.

All of these were having a tough time when they made the decision of their lifetime, when they went all in.

You Can’t Achieve the Things You Say No To

It all starts with this. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. What you can do or what you can’t do depends solely on you. Don’t make excuses such as “I was born as an average person, in an average family. I can’t make it”. You just ruined any chance you might’ve had to. Money sure can help, but it’s not a detrimental factor. There are millionaires who’ve started with $100 only and managed to become some of the most powerful, filthy wealthy people. For example, you’re here now, thinking about the lottery. Why not start playing the lottery with a budget of say $100 and see how you’ll perform.

You have to give it a shot if you want to be certain if it can work for you or if it won’t. But, the bottom line is, you have to try. The biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk at all. You’ll be stuck in the same place you’re now if you don’t take any risk at all.

Aim For the Stars and You Might Reach the Moon

There’s one thing Donald Trump taught me, the current candidate that has high chances to become the next US president. It’s to always dream big, aim high, much higher than you can imagine reaching for. By dreaming big, you guarantee yourself that you will reach higher than you expected, your friends expected or even your enemies. To put it in other words, aim for the stars and you just might reach the Moon. I’ve applied this same logic to playing the lottery. It all started out of the blue. I got a big bonus at work and I decided to spend it all on the lottery.  I have to admit, I aimed for the Powerball jackpot. I guess I was affected by the hype in the media.

I can’t say it all ended up better than expected, as it was only but the start of a wonderful lottery adventure that still is in full motion. I multiplied the money and I’m still in business with the money I invested a couple of years ago. You can say I missed the stars, but I sure hit the Moon.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It

Yeah, it rhymes, I know. Once you have a clear mental imagine of what you want, it will be provided. Money? Do you need money to achieve it? It will be provided. Or maybe you just wanted more money? Well, you have to act if you want your dreams to become real. Instead of looking for excuses, act, look for options, for different ways how to make your ideas a reality.

Did you have a dream about winning that Powerball jackpot? Well, let’s be straight, you can’t win it if you don’t buy a lottery ticket. And we all are aware of what can a Powerball jackpot do with your life. It can change it upside down! You can enjoy in the things you only saw on television. Life can become easy.

Wish for it, act, and you will have it. It will be provided. But you have to say yes to some things.

Money Is Just an Object – It Takes Will and Passion to Succeed

An important one, I know, but it takes some sacrifice and a whole lot of passion. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but money shouldn’t be a barrier that will make you quit on your dreams. There’s a very good reason why you wished for that particular thing, is that a jackpot, a brand new car, money for scholarship etc.

All you should do now is to materialize your wish, your idea. Sitting in your comfortable armchair 24/7 won’t get you anywhere, for sure it won’t take you in the aforementioned Lamborghini. Act! Money is an object that can bring you closer to your dreams, but it won’t make them real as a standalone resource. People come with different wishes, dreams, etc. This is why every single individual can have everything it wants. It’s how the world works. Remember, if you say no loud and clear, you won’t move anywhere. On the other hand, if you say YES and you TRY, things will change, 100%!

The lottery made my dreams real. It can work for you as well. Let me warn you. It’s a long ride. If you do whatever it takes to become a successful lottery player you will have the money to fulfill your wildest dreams, believe me!