4 Fears I Overcame to Become a Successful Lottery Player

4 Fears I Overcame to Become a Successful Lottery Player

My personality has changed quite a lot since the moment I started playing the lottery. The road was rough and it was rather tough going all the way down on it. However, I persevered and I became what I always wanted, a successful lottery player. By becoming a successful lottery player my character, my traits changed. Some of the fears I had are gone. It seems like I’ve unconsciously changed for the better. No wonder I finally have the relationship of my dreams and my friends respect me for what I really am.

However, my friends still think I’m crazy when I tell them that the lottery is the key, the key reason why I’m changed.

Playing the Lottery Made My Fear of Failure Go Away

Time and time again, I stress that the lottery is a marathon, not a sprint. Nobody knows if there’s a prize for at the finish line. I’ve seen many lottery players already being there. Well, I’ve seen them on TV. Winning million dollar jackpots, or at the very least winning a life changing amount of money. So what’s up with me? I still haven’t won my million dollar jackpot. But, I’m still playing the lottery. There it is. My fear of failure is gone. Before I started playing the lottery I was anxious. I had the best business ideas, but I never had the courage to invest in any of them. Today, I consider myself as a successful lottery player, playing the lottery full-time while I have my small business run by a manager. How did I do it? I made a leap of faith. I believe in my skills and my knowledge. I have faith in my number combinations and they rarely disappoint me. Is there a jackpot for me down the road? Only time will tell. Even if there isn’t I won’t have any remorse investing time and money in a lottery.

I Stopped Listening to What Other People Have to Say about Me

Regardless if you are a successful lottery player or if you’re on the other side of the table people will talk about you. If you’re the prior they will despise you because of your success and if you’re not so fortunate, they will mock you. Once you’re in the bubble you can’t get out. Or can you? I did. So can you. You see the opinion other people had for me was a huge barrier. I’m not saying you should stop talking to every single person that criticizes you. Hear them out, but be careful how you proceed. If it’s a constructive argument, then there might some truth to it, but if it’s said in a moment of anguish, anger or envy then you can simply ignore them. Most likely they will apologize later on.

Some people just can’t take other people being successful. These are toxic people. They might make you feel good during partying, etc., but they rarely give any useful advice regarding life in general.

Fear of Commitment – Lottery Is the First Thing I Truly Dedicated To

If you want to enjoy in tasty, mouth watering ripe fruits you have to wait until autumn. There’s winter, spring and summer you should pass through to reach the moment when the prizes are granted. I don’t know if you understood my analogy, but here’s a brief explanation. When a person commits to something, there’s a high chance that struggles will occur at some point in time. However, when we commit to something we really want there usually is a prize down the road. For successful lottery players this should be a life changing amount of money. I had problems with relationships. I just couldn’t bond with someone on an intimate level. After playing the lottery for a couple of years I realized that If I commit it gets better and better. Eventually I was free from this fear of commitment. The benefits outweighed the flaws and I became more open minded.

Neophobia – Fear of Change, It obviously Is Gone

I’ll just straight to the point. The best way to explain this to a lottery player is this way. When I started playing the lottery I was hooked to only one lottery. I didn’t want, or when I look at it today I was afraid to try playing a different lottery. Little things such as this were already in the back of my head. I was afraid to change, to make a change, to experience it. I got the courage and I finally made it. Boy was it wonderful. The new lottery I tried out gave me a better shot at winning. Bigger prizes, better odds and it was way more entertaining due to the prize tier system.

One thing led to another. I started making minor, but very significant changes. Like my commitment issues, the benefits also outweighed the flaws. Sure, I had to go out of my comfort zone, but that’s the only way you can get something better and experience something new. Changes turned me into a successful lottery player. Experience, test and try new different things. Yolo, you live only once, Carpe Diem – Seize the day. Call it whatever you like. Start saying yes more often than no. Your life will change for the better. It worked for me as a lottery player; it will certainly work for you as well.

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