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National Weekly Lotto Results

National Weekly Lotto Review

National Weekly Lotto Review

The National Weekly Lotto is the flagship product of the National Lottery Authority in Ghana. Its introduction into the lottery space can be traced back to December 1962, which means it has been successfully running for over 5 decades. Compared to all other products offered by the National Lottery Authority, the National Weekly Lotto bears the passion of the nation and happens to be the most patronized.

From the time it came into existence, this lottery game has made millionaires out of ordinary Ghanaians. Its national appeal and patronage cuts across the board, bringing to the table all the social classes in the economy.

An Overview of the National Lottery Authority

Since the development of the National Weekly Lotto is intertwined with the history of the National Lottery Association, it would be in the interest of readers to know a bit about the authority. Abbreviated as NLA, the National Lottery Authority established in 1958 as the Department of National Lotteries. The main aim and mandate of NLA was to organize raffles so that the public can participate as a fun activity and at the same time win prizes.

In 1960, the Ghanaian Parliament passed into law the Lottery and Betting Act 94, which officially started lottery in Ghana. While the objectives of the lottery remained, new ones were added which mainly comprised the generation of government revenue and employment. In 2006, the National Lotto Act 722 was passed and gave rise to the National Lottery Authority.

How to Play the National Weekly Lotto

The National Weekly Lotto as its name rightly suggests, is a lottery game whose draws are held weekly, on Saturdays. The first draw was held on September 29, 1962 under the fixed odds lottery system by the first director of the Department of National Lotteries named Mr. F. W. Brennan, a Maltese national.

Playing the National Weekly Lotto is easier because you only chose 5 numbers out of 90. Depending on your choice, you can win several prizes up for grabs. The first number picking method was purely manual because the players had to pick their favorite numbers from the playslip.

The technique of crossing out the numbers was largely dependent on past lotto experience or simply an act of luck without any precedence.

With time, the automated ticket generation system was brought on-board in 2006. This system addressed many of the challenges of the manual picking system and helped beginners in the National Weekly Lotto to play the game with ease. All you need to do is to visit your National Lottery Authority retailer from whom you ask for Quick Pick and the terminal generates for you the 5 numbers.

It must be made clear that none of the two methods (manual and Quick Pick) mentioned above give you an upper hand when it comes to winning prizes. Everything is a matter of chance.

Possible Strategies on Choosing National Weekly Lotto Numbers

Winning the National Weekly Lotto, starts with your selection of numbers. Although it is difficult and purely a chance event, it is not impossible. There are certain things you can do to make your odds for winning a whole lot better.

The first strategy is to play the games that have the lowest number of balls. National Weekly Lotto places you at an advantage because it only has 5 balls. This gives you a much greater chance of winning.

The second strategy is to manually select your winning numbers. Even though computer generated numbers give you another alternative to try out your luck, picking the winning numbers yourself gives you much control over the outcome.

The last strategy is to get a good number of tickets for any particular draw. Even though this is largely common sense, some players tend to bet with only a few tickets. The more the tickets you have, the more your chances of winning.

When picking your numbers, concentrate on the hot numbers. Since the National Weekly Lotto gives you an opportunity to look up previous drawings, scan through to find out which numbers get drawn more than others. Focus on these hot numbers as they may raise your odds. By default, avoid cold numbers.

Another bit you have to be careful on is that as you spread your bet, do not pick all even or all odd numbers, always do a mashup.

Your National Weekly Lotto Ticket

Once you pick your numbers and surrender the playslip to the cashier, you will be given a ticket upon paying the required price depending on the number of plays you have entered for. When you receive your ticket, you need to confirm a few things.

  • Confirm that the game indicated on the ticket is indeed National Weekly Lotto
  • The second aspect you need to check is whether the date of the draw indicated matches the date for the draw that you have picked. In case you entered for multiple draws, you may need to clarify that the dates have been captured correctly.
  • The amount indicated on the ticket should be the same as the amount you paid to the cashier. Although it rarely happens, you may overpay for your ticket or underpay.
  • Lastly, the numbers that you have chosen in case you did a manual pickup should be the same numbers that appear on the ticket. Errors do happen during printing and when detecting early enough the ticket can be cancelled so that you can be reissued with a new one.

Note that every ticket has a unique serial number that serves as its identifier. When you receive your ticket, kindly sign it on the back to authenticate it. The simple reason behind this is that failure to sign exposes you to unnecessary loses when the unsigned ticket is lost and picked up by someone else who goes ahead to sign and claim the prize attached to your ticket. Also remember that the ticket is the only proof that you actually participated in a particular National Weekly Lotto draw. Without it, you cannot claim a prize and if it is defaced, the prize claiming process may take longer or it may be aborted altogether and the prize claim denied.

Playing through Mobile

To give you even a much more convenient way to play, the National Lottery Authority has developed an app that you can access through Android or Apple devices. Once you download the app, register by indicating your personal details and top up. After that, you log in, select your draw game, in this case the National Weekly Lotto, and select play. The array of numbers 1 to 90 will be on your screen from which you select the 5 numbers. The cost per play is usually 1 Cedi. You then enter the amount, confirm, and finish the purchase to get your ticket details.

National Weekly Lotto Prize Breakdown

The draws held on Saturdays determine whether you are a winner or not. If you win, you can claim your cash prizes instantly either from the retail location or from the regional offices of the National Lottery Authority. For jackpots, the prizes are redeemed at any National Lottery Authority partner banks, which include Zenith, Bank of Africa, Access Bank, GCB Bank, Unibank, HFC, ADBD, UMB, and NIB. The draws are published on the NLA official website and are also put in the press and NLA scoreboards all over the country.

Ensure you play responsibly. NLA doesn’t entries from individuals who are below the age of 18 years to participate.

National Weekly Lotto Winning Numbers

National Weekly Lotto is a 5 number lottery game. To win National Weekly Lotto jackpot, you have to match 5 main numbers. Here are the National Weekly Lotto winning numbers for 28-03-2020 6:30pm GMT:

87 37 32 05 50

National Weekly Lotto Past Results and Winning Numbers

The National Weekly Lotto result archive contains the results from 01-08-2015 6:30pm GMT up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Saturday 28th March 2020, 6:30pm 87 37 32 05 50
Saturday 21st March 2020, 6:30pm 10 55 40 03 72
Saturday 14th March 2020, 6:30pm 44 48 09 72 20
Saturday 7th March 2020, 6:30pm 53 50 82 40 18
Saturday 29th February 2020, 6:30pm 15 30 62 07 33
Saturday 22nd February 2020, 6:30pm 13 23 21 88 49
Saturday 15th February 2020, 6:30pm 69 73 72 05 63
Saturday 8th February 2020, 6:30pm 28 33 25 49 84
Saturday 1st February 2020, 6:30pm 49 52 33 63 14
Saturday 25th January 2020, 6:30pm 86 35 79 18 08

National Weekly Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers

National Weekly Lotto hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. National Weekly Lotto cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in National Weekly Lotto results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

National Weekly Lotto Number Generator

The National Weekly Lotto generator provides FREE lucky numbers for National Weekly Lotto draws. All you need to do is to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw you plan to participate in.

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