Why Playing the Lottery Is an Important Part of My Life

Playing the lottery

Don’t Discourage Me I Won’t Listen!

What is a lottery? If you ask me, I would say that a lottery is a game where logic and reason have no place, it’s a game that has dreams and hope for a sale. What’s wrong with playing the lottery anyway? A lot of people keep staring at me when I pick up my “lucky” lottery tickets, yes, I don’t buy one or two, I buy 5 – 6 at a time. So what? It’s my money, my tickets, my fortune and my business. Sometimes I want to yell at those looking at me, so what if you don’t play? It’s not my fault you don’t play, you don’t trust your luck and you have no hope and that’s not something I can help you with.

Have I Heard About the Odds of Winning?

That’s one question people usually ask me, if I know the odds of winning. They tell me I’m more likely to fall, burn and crash that to win the jackpot. Okay, why all the negativity? Just because you don’t like playing the lottery doesn’t mean I have to stop believing that maybe someday I’ll be in a position to buy my own house! I know that realistically the chance of winning is zero, but technically speaking, it’s one in 175,711,536, or 0.000000569% – this is like the half glass full half glass empty perception.

For some it may statistically be the same as zero, but mathematically speaking, it isn’t the same as zero. There’s tiny hope there and that’s what counts. Whenever I buy a lottery ticket I don’t think to myself, “Am I going to win?” instead I dream of all the things that might happen if I win by playing the lottery! For some, like me, who has a buck to spend for a dream, and if the dream is pleasant enough to be worth a buck then why not? Why should someone stop you from playing the lottery?

What Happens When I Don’t Win

It does hurt a little, but dreams cannot be forgotten. My dreams are so pleasant that sometimes I don’t even bother to check if I won a lottery. Although the feeling of finding out I haven’t won might affect me, but it doesn’t stop me from playing the lottery. In simple terms, I don’t like negativity and I don’t think people with negative perceptions can ever dream. When I don’t win a lottery it is okay too, somebody won, they achieved their dreams and that keeps me going. Like every dog has a day, I think and believe that every lottery player has a lucky day and mine is yet to come. So what if it isn’t today or tomorrow, if you have the will luck will find its way!

Playing the Lottery Is a Great Investment

From a public standpoint, playing the lottery is a big NO. According to me, playing the lottery is a great investment. Think about it… you spend a few bucks on beer every week, the outcome is a potbelly! But if you invested the same few bucks on a lottery, there’s a tiny chance you might get lucky. You could bring home a fortune you may have never even imagined to earn! Regular 9-5 jobs also won’t help you collect such a huge amount of money. So why isn’t playing the lottery a great investment? Whether I win or not, I know the game, the odds and I’m still playing it so don’t you think there is something about playing the lottery? Assuming lotteries don’t stop operating, I’m going to continue to buy tickets every now and then. I’m doing myself no harm, instead I’m doing the state and the vendor some good but hey, you never know! Maybe someday I’ll be holding that big fat check for everyone to see and believe that playing the lottery isn’t a bad idea after all!

Why Do People Play the Lottery?

Reminds me of a song from the animation movie Tangled, “Haven’t any of you ever had a dream?” so that’s basically why we play the lottery. Other people play the lottery for various reasons, maybe they have a sick child and they can’t afford treatment, unemployment, high rents, basically anything that stops them from enjoying their lives. I know why I play the lottery; I would like to spend the next 40 years of my life lying on an exotic beach with a cocktail in hand!

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