What is lottery number loyalty?

Lottery number loyalty

A few words about the lottery number loyalty concept

There are many ways of playing the lottery which makes perfect sense given the fact that the odds are exactly the same regardless of the manner in which you choose the numbers. Lottery number loyalty is a concept that describes the manner of playing the lottery by using the same set of numbers over and over again. Many players use numbers that have a personal meaning to them and have been sticking to them for many years, with no intention whatsoever to change the system. Since there are plenty of such lottery players, it is worth taking a closer look at the benefits and shortcomings of lottery number loyalty.

The advantage of staying loyal to a set of numbers

It is not the idea that they are maximizing the chances to win, the drives lottery players forward and compels them to use the same set of numbers week after week. They like the fact that they know exactly what numbers they will choose when purchasing the ticket, and this brings us to the first advantage. Since you don’t need to calculate anything, the time spent filling up the numbers is significantly decreased and players can focus on more important activities. Another perk of lottery number loyalty is that you know immediately whether you have won or lost without needing to check your numbers against winning ones.

Those who exercise total lottery numbers, meaning that they play them every single week and never miss out a draw also enjoy a psychological advantage. Although this is not based on rock solid evidence and there is no concrete evidence to back up the theory, they like the idea of enjoying some sort of stability. Some go as far as to assume that by sticking to the same set of numbers, there are increasing their chances to win on the long run, which is of course false, but nonetheless soothing.

The shortcomings of lottery number loyalty

Some of the most obvious ones spur from what the experts call “moderate loyalty” which means that players occasionally use the numbers, without being compelled to purchase tickets every single week. On one side, those who compete in lotteries that have several draws each week are saving a lot of money by limiting the amount of tickets purchased. The benefits of sticking to the same numbers is not affected in any way, neither is the celerity of the buying act or the convenience of instantly spotting winners.

The downside is that there is always the risk of hitting the jackpot on those draws when you chose to skip purchasing the tickets, which of course can easily end in tragedy. This is perhaps the main shortcoming of lottery number loyalty and that’s why it is generally accepted that those who are making the first steps in this type of gambling should refrain from using the same numbers over and over again.

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