We Already Know How Women Drive, but How Do Women Play the Lottery?

How Do Women Play the Lottery?

Both men and women play the lottery. After I looked closely at how my male and how my female friends play it, I noticed some rather interesting differences. Nonetheless, they both have the same objective, to win the lottery. Their approach, on the other hand, differs greatly, especially how women describe their strategy and their decisions. To be honest, I find some of these as hilarious, however, I don’t why.

Maybe because I’ve heard them saying the same arguments. Note, I’m not a chauvinist, nor I, have anything against women. So, let’s take a look at the main and most interesting differences. Let’s see, how do women play the lottery!

My Favorite Lottery Numbers – The Day I Met My Hubby!

It’s not that men are not superstitions when it comes to dates, but women take this rather seriously. It’s like the stars have aligned for them when they’ve met their S/O. Even if so, the lottery tends to discriminate against this kind of approach. I’ve stressed many times that you shouldn’t base your strategy on dates. Even if you do win, you’ll still have to share the fortune with hundreds of lottery players. You are not the only one that has met your S/O on that particular date? Any other questions regarding this one? No. Good.

Furthermore, favorite numbers should not be based on any kind of social basis, meaning interactions with other people. It’s just not right.

If I Don’t Win the Next Month I’m Switching to a Different Lottery

Yeah, right. As if that’s going to help out. Women are rather wishy-washy in all aspects of life. Of course, there are those that are like mountains, with strong character, but most women find it difficult to persevere. On the other hand, men make a decision and forget that they’ve made one. They create a habit out of it. Don’t get me wrong, but this also applies to dating, no pun intended.

After a couple of years of playing the lottery, there are men on the side, which have changed from one to another lottery only. On the other end, there are women who have a portfolio with 5+ different lotteries of all kinds, with different rules. The interesting part is that they have to adapt to each of these lotteries to win. Some people just don’t get it, yes, lottery takes luck, but it also takes time and skill to overcome the challenge brought by the randomness and uncertainty.

If you think this resemblance promiscuity, you’re absolutely right! Sheesh, they can’t even be faithful to the lottery.

Fix It If It’s Broken, Don’t Replace It – The Lottery Is a Carburetor

If you’re a woman, most likely you have no idea what a carburetor. Why? Because women are rarely methodical. Women are emotional beings that like to express their feelings. The lottery doesn’t care about one’s feelings. All it cares is what numbers are on the lottery ticket.

So why am I making a comparison between the lottery and a carburetor. I’m going to give you a minute to think about it.

But, you didn’t think about it. Instead, you like it to be easy. Men like to know every tiny bit of anything if they get some interest in it. If the carburetor is broken, the car won’t work. So the man knows what’s broken and tries to fix it. He knows how to fix it. As long as the carburetor is working, the car will go and he won’t fix it if it’s not broken.

Women tend to have a different approach. “It won’t start, I’ll take a cab.”

If we put it into lottery perspective, if men don’t win, they try to fix what they go, women simply move on. A cab will do once, but if you use it for a week, your wallet will feel it.

Outbursts of Emotions – They Go Both Ways

When men play the lottery, they rarely express their emotions. Yes, the share the good or the bad news, but they don’t get too emotional about it. At least, this is the case with my friends. We exchange a tip or an advice or two and that’s it. Women’ll be like “I’m so angry! Why I can’t win? (Starts throwing random lottery tickets and/or other objects in proximity)”.

As I said, they, the emotions go both ways. When women win, they start running around, bursting out of joy. Now, I’m not saying this is bad, but what happens when they’re on a losing spree? Just take a look at the aforementioned points I made. You’ll get a clear picture of what will happen to the letter!

Women who play the lottery rarely deviate from these rules. Yes, rules. They’re made to be broken!

Bonus Point – Women Act Better When They Win the Jackpot

Well, it’s a bonus because it’s not related to how they actually play the lottery, instead it’s what they do when they win. I haven’t had the opportunity to get a first hand experience, but I have a clear idea of how both sexes act from the media. If you’re into lottery you must be aware of how closely are jackpot winners followed by the media, paparazzi and news blogs.

Men can become too extreme with the partying, with luxurious cars, buying gifts, etc. Women, because they’re emotional, they can be selfish. They spend money on clothes, make up and traveling. How much can a trip cost? A lot, but they settle down rather fast.

There. The bonus point serves a purpose to make you feel good, not that it isn’t true. In the end, both men and women can act this way. This is a generalization. And we all know that generalizations are rarely accurate.

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