Want to Win the Lottery? Stop Doing These 8 Things!

Want to Win the Lottery? Stop Doing These 8 Things!

I’ve been asked many times by lottery players just like me, what are the things they should do to win the lottery. Because I’m courteous I usually provide them with a concise and truthful answer. However, I’d rather tell them the things they should stop doing to get back on track. I’m not Nostradamus, nor am I any kind of psychic. I tend to apply scientific approach, strategies that have proven to work.

This is not a lottery about what you should do to win the lottery. These are the things, habits, you should forget about if you want to become a lottery jackpot winner.

Stop Looking for Excuses to Miss the Next Draw

First thing’s first, stop looking for reasons why you should or why you could miss the next lottery draw. Not only it attracts negative energy, negative thoughts, but you will eventually miss a draw. And we all know what can happen. The draw you just missed could’ve been the moment you’ve been waiting for. The numbers you’ve been playing the entire time.

Instead of looking for excuses, think of new strategies that can skew the odds in your favor. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and if wasted on pointless ideas, it’s even worse. Focus on the numbers, on the draw, not on why you should get a rain check. Lady Luck does not take rain checks.

Stop Making Excuses Why You Missed the Last Draw

This is even worse! I guess if you’re still reading this, your numbers weren’t the winning ones when you missed the draw. Otherwise, I can already image you crying yourself to sleep every night. What’s done is done. It’s time to move on and get a firm grip on our lottery play.

Your numbers are your best weapon, most fierce and valuable asset, not your excuses. By the way, I won’t tell on you, I won’t tell to your lottery buddies the sin you’ve committed. It will be our little dark secret.

Don’t Blame the Lottery – Don’t Blame Anything

It can happen to anybody. No lottery player can win the lottery every single draw. Some weeks are better than others. Even if you’re the best mathematician, the best statistician, you will still end up occasionally with favorable or poor results. I’ve seen lottery players who start blaming the lottery, blaming themselves about their poor performance. Why does there have to be a villain?

This is not an ancient Greek tragedy that requires an antagonist. It should be joyful, after all, it’s just a game with real money rewards. Sure, it comes with costs as well, but you can manage the costs, you cannot predict when you’re going to win. Well, you can, but only if you buy millions of tickets. If you’re able to buy millions of tickets, do you really need the jackpot? Sure, you do! You’re in for the excitement!

Butterfly Lottery Players – Players Who Switch Lotteries Often

Do not do it! I’ve said it in the past, and I’m going to say it again. Stop switching lotteries on a regular basis! The only thing you should do is buy lottery tickets, but be a bit conservative. I know there’s a heading below that says you shouldn’t be conservative, but in small portions it can be beneficial.

For example, the longer you play one lottery you get familiar with it. You know its secrets and you can abuse this information to your advantage. If you switch them often, you’re just going to become confused. How many numbers you should select? What are the numbers that occur frequently? When is the next draw? I can go on for hours!

Stop Being Stubborn – Change Is Good!

I will not stop playing this lottery until I win it! Maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t win that lottery. Maybe if you win that lottery, you will become lazy and you won’t win the lottery you should! Yes, I know it sounds confusing, but it’s a fact that people get lazy when they get what they want.

Have you thought of switching to a different lottery? I know I just told you that you shouldn’t do it, but what I meant was you shouldn’t do this often! If say, you’ve had poor results for 2-3 months, I guess it’s time to make a change. It’s time to browse the net for new lottery to take part in. A day without learning anything new, trying anything new, is a day lost. Forget about that a day without laughing is a day lost, or a day without music is a day lost. Nonsense!

Voice Your Questions – Don’t Feel Ashamed Asking for Advice

I remember back when I started playing the lottery, I was asking any lottery player I came across for tips and advices. This curiosity had a huge effect on the learning curve. I became a mediocre lottery player within months! Slowly, but surely, I became a self-sufficient lottery player, meaning I did not have to invest any more money. The winnings from the lottery allowed me to play as much as I want. However, I was curious, I wanted to learn more and so I did.

That’s why you should expose yourself, your pride, and ask as much as you can. However, know when it’s enough! You don’t want to become that boring guy or girl from the bar who’s always talking about the lottery!

Overspending – Stick to Your Budget at All “Costs”

Boy, oh boy. We’ve entered scorched lands. Budgeting is important. If you want to win the lottery, you have to stay on course, but you also need to have funds that will thrust you in the uncharted territories of lottery.

Regardless of the urge, you might get from time to time, to buy an extra ticket or two, do not overspend! On top of this, if you’ve felt that the lottery affects your way of life, you should cool off, at least for some time. Why? Because you can’t play the lottery if you’re starving, without a roof over your head, without being socially accepted by your friends and family. The lottery is just a hobby. In the end, all that matters is you feeling good. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt well with an empty stomach.

Conservative Lottery Players Win in the Long Run – Win the Lottery Today!

If you want to win the lottery today, you must be agile. A conservative approach to playing the lottery brings astounding results in the long run. I totally understand you when you say you want to win the lottery in the foreseeable future, and I mean win the lottery in style!

I mean winning millions of dollars! As I mentioned earlier, you have to move with a quick pace, be agile, adapt to changes and predict the unpredictable. Eventually you get there, believe me! A more dynamic approach takes more time and resources, but it also brings the results you want much sooner. You can’t have it both ways.

I can say from my experience, it’s better to push yourselves to the limits once, and enjoy the benefits down the road!

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