UK National Lottery Strategies

UK National Lottery

If you want to win the in the UK National Lottery, then these are some of the UK National Lottery strategies that you should follow.

  • In UK Lotto you would have to pick from number 1 to 49. Rarely does it happen that all the numbers are drawn from one particular set of numbers. For instance, not all the numbers picked will be a single digit number or nor all of them will be teen numbers etc. So while choosing numbers, it is important to have numbers from a wide section of numbers. Make sure that you cover as much ground as possible while choosing the six numbers for the draw.
  • Do not pick all odd or all even numbers. Have a healthy mix of those numbers while you pick yours. A good ratio would be 2:4 or 4:2 or 3:3.
  • Divide the 49 numbers into two different halves i.e. lower half (1-25) and the upper half (26-49) and pick numbers from both these groups. Again a ratio of either 2:4 or 4:2 or 3:3 is advisable. It increases your chance to win at least some sort of a prize in a big way.
  • Balanced wheel system ensures that you win at least some sort of a prize. The Balanced Wheel System ensures a minimum win guarantee because Balanced Wheels force all the winning numbers in a group to come together and give you at least one prize.
  • If possible play your lottery in a pool or a group. It is the easiest way of making sure that the cost of lotteries is lessened and you can buy multiple tickets since the cost of that will be shared with the group.

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