Top 7 Unclaimed Lottery Jackpots – If You Feel Bad About Forgetting to Collect a Few Bucks, This List Will Make Drop Your Jaw!

Unclaimed lottery jackpots

There are many, many people who play the lottery on a daily basis, hoping that maybe sometime their luck will shine. In fact, if all the lottery players were gathered in one place, their population would be even bigger than Asia! In a recent study it is revealed that about 74% of the world’s population play the lottery on a weekly basis! That’s a heck lot of people! Now coming to the unclaimed lottery jackpots, there is a chance that when people play for too long, they either just lose hope of winning the lottery jackpot, or they simply just forget where they kept their winning lottery ticket and give rise to unclaimed lottery jackpots. You might think why and how a person can forget about claiming such a fortune, the answer is simple – they’re crazy!

#1 Unclaimed Lottery – EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot for £64 Million

A whopping £64 million is unclaimed! And what’s worse is that the winner can’t do nothing about it now, but look back at the fact that he/she “would” have been a millionaire if the prize money was claimed on time. Who, I mean, how can anyone not claim £64 million?! I would have claimed it the second I knew I won the lottery jackpot! I mean, who wouldn’t?! For £64 million, I would have travelled 36 hours on a flight to claim it! Anyway, our winner missed the deadline and unfortunately failed to claim the massive fortune. The draw was held on the 8th of June a couple of years ago and the ticket was bought in Hertfordshire. This is probably one of the biggest unclaimed lottery jackpots of all time! The money, along with its interest was directed towards National Lottery Good Causes. Oh well…

#2 Unclaimed Lottery – Powerball Lottery Jackpot for $16 Million

Late last year, another unclaimed lottery jackpot came into light. The Powerball lottery jackpot for a solid $16 million expired because the unfortunate winner failed to claim the prize money on time. The winner had six-months to claim the fortune, but like they say, time and tide wait for nobody. The Powerball ticket that was purchased in May last year at the Carollwood Market in Tampa, expired in November without crowing any lucky winner.

#3 Unclaimed Lottery – EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot for £6.9 Million

Okay this is seriously unbelievable. I mean, why would anyone want to play the lottery only to miss to claim the prize money on time? The winner, who hailed from Devon, was probably unaware of the fact that his/her ticket was worth millions of pounds, and six months after the winner bought the ticket, he/she joined the forces of the unclaimed lottery jackpots of all time because of failure of collecting the prize money on time.

#4 Unclaimed Lottery – UK National Lottery Jackpot for £9.4 Million

On #4 we’ve got yet another “could have been rich” winner, who missed to claim the massive fortune of £9.4 million, which unfortunately expired early 2006. Isn’t 6 months enough to find a ticket and claim the fortune?! The ticket that was bought in South Yorkshire, along with its interest of about £216,000, was then directed to the good cause funds. Tough luck…

#5 Unclaimed Lottery – Lotto Texas Jackpot for $12 Million

About less than a month ago, someone forgot to claim their fortune of a whopping $12 million! You can forget a birthday; it’s somewhat understood, but forgetting to claim your winnings?! That’s like super ridiculous! The winning ticket that was purchased at a South Shore gas station in League City expired late last month when no one came to claim it. Like some of the biggest unclaimed lottery jackpots of all time, this unclaimed lottery will go to the state’s Foundation School Program. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

#6 Unclaimed Lottery – Powerball Jackpot for $77 Million

A pinch in my heart…the winner didn’t claim the fortune from the Powerball jackpot for a jaw-dropping $77 million! Apparently 6 months wasn’t enough for the winner to claim the prize money, not sure whether the winner lost the ticket or just simply forgot…it doesn’t matter now because it’s gone. The money from the winning ticket, which was purchased at the Pilot Travel Centre in Georgia, went back into the pool of money to be used for future game prizes…that’s what I call unwanted donation.

#7 Unclaimed Lottery – Illinois Lottery Jackpot for $14 Million

Money grew on trees for this winner, but he/she didn’t know about it, and it disappeared, joining the list of unclaimed lotteries of all time. The ticket that was purchased at Gas City in Frankfort – Illinois, won the jackpot for a whopping $14 million, but because no one came through, the proceeds were then handed over to the State Common Fund School in Illinois.

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