The Most Difficult Question I Ask Online Lottery Agents!

Online Lottery Agents

No, I’m Not a Sadist, I Think I Just Want Them to Hate Me A Little!

What do you visualize when you hear the word agent? I imagine a tall person, smartly dressed, shiny shoes, properly combed hair and to add spice to this character, a cigar in one hand and sunglasses on. Maybe even a cowboy hat, who cares. But in reality, you can’t even see these lottery agents, so I’m not sure whether they’re really dressed like that or they’re still in bed, half-awake in their fish printed, or worse, polka dot pajamas. What they wear is no one of my business I know, but there are things I need to know that are very well in my business.

Question #1: Can You Show Me the Winners Who Won through Your Site?

Have you ever asked that to an online lottery agent? You should and you’ll see them explode in the gentlest manner ever. It’s like butterflies that breathe fire kind of thing! But I think most of you will agree with me with this question. I need to know how many winners these guys have given birth to before I start weaving my dreams!

Question #2: Can You Recommend Me as An Online Lottery Agent?

LOL. This, according to me, is the funniest question I’ve ever been told to ask online lottery agents! It’s true a lot of people think they must have recommendations from other agents to become an online lottery agent, not necessarily and because people are so physically disconnected, no one would recommend others without a proper background check!

Question #3: Can You Help Me Pick My Lucky Numbers?

Do I want to get killed? Is the expression of the online lottery agent! No online lottery agent will ever help you choose your lucky lottery numbers, it’s not part of their game to help you out, plus they don’t even get paid for it!

Question #4: What Is Your Honest Opinion About This and That Lottery Site?

Nope, not happening. If you ask this question, they’ll always tell you that their online lottery site is the best and that no matter where you play, you’ll never forget the comfort you received from their site. Yeah. Okay.

Question #5: Can You Give Me a Special Discount?

LOL you just can’t ask this question! Like ever! They’re not your relatives, you’re not their well-wisher, why would they consider giving you a special discount when they probably have millions playing on their site!?

These are just some of the questions we like to ask online lottery agents and since we already know the answers, we like to twist they questions a tiny bit to make them sound genuine and well…the answer still remains the same! Try it!

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