Start the year as a millionaire with El Niño lottery draw

El Niño lottery draw set to make new millionaires in 2013

El Niño lottery draw

The new year has passed and lottery players from all over Europe have experienced the thrills of playing the Spanish El Gordo lottery. After the Christmas event turned many players into millionaires, it is time for another exciting event to raise the enthusiasm bar sky high. The El Nino lottery will take place on January 6 and with €840 million expected to fuel the prize pool, it will be the most important lottery draw in Europe in the first week of 2013.

A massive jackpot of €120 million

El Niño means the little one or the child in Spanish but the name couldn’t possibly be more deceptive because nothing is little about this lottery draw. It is one that attracts millions of players from all over Spain and from beyond borders, with the top prize standing at $120 million. The prize pool is seven times larger, which means that there is enough money to make thousands of players start the new year on the right foot. The chances of winning the jackpot are slim, but the second-tier prizes are very numerous.

This lottery is not a simple draw that will make some people rich while crushing the hopes of others, but an event that Spanish players savor year after year. It is enough to think that the Spanish National Lottery held its first draw 250 years ago to understand the magnitude of the special draws. El Niño is exactly the kind of event that keeps lottery players at the edge of their seat and missing out on the opportunity is simply not acceptable.

What makes El Niño draw special

For starters, it is held only once a year on January 6, so players have a single chance every year to win a slice of the hundreds of millions of Euros. 70% of the money collected from selling tickets goes towards fueling the prize pool, a percentage that is by far the most generous offered by any lottery in the world. The odds of winning a prize are one in three, figures that are specific to casino games rather than lotteries.

Unlike other lotteries, the jackpots are paid immediately and are tax-free not mention that they are all guaranteed by the National Lottery which is endorsed by the government. The idea behind El Niño draw is to create as many winners as possible, instead of distributing the wealth to the select few. These reasons alone should act as an incentive for players to purchase lottery tickets and watch the special draw live on the first Sunday of 2013. The tickets can be purchased in local stores by Spanish players, but also online by anyone who wishes to boost his or her bankroll.

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