Mike Weirsky’s Incredible Story: Lottery Millions, Family Troubles

Mike Weirsky’s Incredible Story

Do you need to have your faith in humanity restored? If so, you should acquaint yourself with Mike Weirsky’s story. The man who won 273 million dollars almost didn’t get to collect the sum. Fate intervened in his life, even though Mike went through highs and lows in the aftermath of winning. Here’s his story.

Smartphone Distraction, Tickets Forgotten

In March 2019, Mike Weirsky decided to change his life. The unemployed man from New Jersey bought Mega Millions tickets at a Phillipsburg store near the Pennsylvania border.

Distracted looking at his phone, Mike forgot the tickets in the store! Now here’s a story of a dreamy and inattentive man.

The next day, it became clear that someone had won the 273-million-dollar jackpot. That’s when Mike remembered he’d bought tickets. Looking for them, he eventually realized that he’d forgotten them at the store.

Mike went back to Phillipsburg’s Quick Check store to inquire what had happened to his tickets. Meanwhile, it became clear that someone had found the forgotten tickets at the store. Instead of claiming them, the good Samaritan returned the tickets to the cashier for safekeeping.

According to Mega Millions lottery officials, the tickets could have been signed, and someone else other than Mike could have claimed the jackpot.

Mike Weirsky said that he wanted to reward the person that returned the tickets. He was willing to share some of the millions with the person that proved kindness and integrity still exist.

Also, Mike announced his decision to turn his life around. He said that he was actively looking for a job. He was happy to be in cash possession for the very first time. The jackpot was going to give him a bit of comfort in his quest of regaining stability. Mike, however, hasn’t revealed a whole lot more about what he plans to do with the money.

Which brings us to the next point and the second part of the story.

Mike Weirsky

A Story of Divorce

The unemployed Mike finally had the money required to sit back and enjoy his life. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Mike Weirsky made headlines once again, but this time, the story wasn’t positive and endearing.

While the world was excited about the massive lottery win and the good Samaritan twist, Mike had been going through a divorce with his wife, Eileen. Eileen and Mike Weirsky finalized their divorce before the news of the jackpot win came forward. Because Mike was unemployed at the time, Eileen was ordered by the court to pay spousal support.

As per the court order, Eileen had to continue making the payments for five years. After Mike won Mega Millions, however, Eileen started petitioning for an end to the alimony.

At this point, the alimony was pocket change for Mike who became a quick and instant millionaire. Eileen said the spousal support was a pittance for a millionaire.

It’s interesting to point out she’s not going to go after Mike’s Mega Millions jackpot. Eileen said she had morals and the millions weren’t enough to get her back with her ex. The fact that Mike won didn’t make him any more appealing, and it didn’t change the reasons for the split.

One thing Eileen said is that she hoped Mike would spend the money wisely. She hoped he would help his family after the numerous years of unemployment during which his dearest people had financially supported Mike.

In a press release, Mike said later on that Eileen had contacted him in the aftermath of the Mega Millions win. Eileen denies the information. She said that she wishes her ex well but that she has whatsoever no interest in renewing communication with him.

Mike Weirsky beat odds of 1 in 302,275,350 to become one of the wealthiest jackpot winners in America. He opted for a lump sum payment, and while it did reduce the sum, Mike is still a millionaire.

One thing is sure in this story, however, money can’t buy you love. While Eileen wishes Mike the best, she isn’t going back. She has said that their story is over and it’s time for a new chapter. Whatever times, we wish both of them luck.

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