If You Believe In Lucky Numbers, You Might Be Happy With This List!

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5 Ways to Find Your Lucky Numbers

Do lucky numbers really exist? Well, according to some people, yes and according to others, maybe, but no. Nevertheless, a lot of people play the lottery by picking their lucky numbers, when they win they were very lucky, when they don’t, they don’t care. They continue using the same numbers throughout their lives – their motto don’t give up! Then there are some who have no idea at all what their lucky numbers are, maybe the size of their favourite shoe? Maybe their spouse’s birthdate or anniversary? Maybe the day they fell in love? It’s confusing. One person I know has a combination of numbers – his wife’s birthdate (only the date), his birth-month, the year they fell in love, the date they got married.

I’m not sure if these numbers would be affected if they got divorced! (Or maybe that’s when he’d win the lottery!) Oh well, that’s not the point of this article. The question is how do they come up with lucky numbers? Obviously they feel lucky that something good happened to them, but does that mean a person who sits down to mathematically evaluate his winning lottery numbers is wrong? We all know the odds of winning the jackpot, and the truth is, many people randomly pick numbers – whichever number appears first in their head. A lot of people will argue with this – “How can you choose just anything? Your life depends on it!” So how do you find your lucky numbers? Here are 5 ways to help you out!

1. Frequency Picks

This is probably what most people do these days – they look up the frequency chart and pick numbers that appear frequently. Most lottery sites will provide players with a chart that shows how often each number has appeared during a given timeframe. You have to make your timeframe as large as possible because you would be able to look up all-time frequencies to help you derive your lucky lotto numbers. Also, if you’re playing Powerball, look at the Powerball frequencies – make sure you’re looking at the right lottery frequency.

Once you have the frequency charts updated, consider selecting numbers that are drawn frequently. But please note that a lot of people will be using this tactic so if you do win with frequency picked numbers, there’s a greater chance that you might have to share your winnings with other winners. Also consider selecting numbers that are less frequently picked. You might think that’s nonsense, but think about it; if a majority are busy picking the frequently picked numbers, and if you win with your completely random picks, you might not have to share your prize with many other winners.

2. The Delta System

With the Delta System, picking the numbers is easy – you start by picking the lowest number, which is 1. Because there’s no way of predicting the winning numbers you must make a combination of possible numbers that may be drawn. Now pick 2 numbers between the number 1 and 8 – in this case, we’ll pick 3 and 5. Now pick a number that’s close to 8, we’ll pick 9. Now pick 2 numbers between 8 and 15, so we’ll pick 11 and 13, so what’s your delta number? 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 13. Now mix these numbers up, so we’ll mix it to get 5, 3, 11, 9, 1, 13. The first delta number will be your first lottery number, now add the lottery and delta numbers together – this will be your second lottery number. Repeat the process to get a combination of 6 winning numbers. What you need to keep in mind is that the total of the numbers (1+3+5+9+11+13=42) should be lower than the highest number in the drawing.

3. Random Lucky Numbers

Okay here’s where you can get creative. What are your favourite numbers? This can be anything from birthdays, anniversaries, ages, addresses, phone numbers, horoscopes and anything that carries a number that’s special to you! For instance, for me my lucky numbers are 3,2,4,9 so I’m going to make combinations to ensure that I have my lucky numbers to win the jackpot! Use the following tool to create your own lucky numbers, it’s creative!

4. Random Number Picks

If you don’t have any lucky numbers, maybe it’s time to make some! Just pick any random number and, who knows, if you win, they will become your newest lucky numbers! Trust me, this works for most people!

5. Ask The Lottery Guru

Now you might have to travel miles upon miles to find the lottery guru, who was once seen sitting on a mountain top! It doesn’t hurt to find out from him what your possible lucky numbers might be!
Being an avid lottery player, I don’t believe in lucky numbers – I think every number is just as lucky as the other. But what do you think? Do you have any other way of finding your lucky numbers? If you do, share them with us!

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